Adneil Xenstil Gornester (Born ??/??/????) was the both the last king of ??? and the last Emperor of the great elven empire of Illnarneoalthron. He ascended his dual thrones on ??/??/???? after the death of his wife Arriyadnei's father, Xiron Xenstil Hesta, the previous Dual Monarch. Within the year the Great War had begun. His reign was the shortest of all dual monarchs, lasting a mere thirteen years, and ending with his abdication In absentia.

A powerful Dark Elf using the Soul Name Sorrowsworn Prince. He spent the last few thousand years working with Fu Leng, ruler of the Shadowlands, until his agenda began to diverge and he was forced to flee for his life. Amongst his accomplishments are the creation of Lyches and the foundation of significant portions of Silverstari tradition.

Character Quick Facts
Race Elf
Weapon of choice Sword and Magic
Religion Atheistic
Current Location Heaven


The Elf commonly known as R was born Adneil.

In Silverstari, 'R' is the first letter of this title 'Sorrow-sworn Prince'.

Physical description

Black hair, tall, pale.


A soul gem containing the spirit of his wife, whom he is trying to restore to life.


Typhenon - Went to Typhenon for protection after Fu Leng cast him out.

Usami Maiko - Provided information to Maiko that enabled her to rescue a man she'd given up for lost. Maiko recently saved R from being sacrificed on an altar.

Kukulkan - Provided information to Kukulkan on a religious nature and helped him to invade Smoking Mirror's fortress to try and rescue Kukulkan's wife.

Theosteris - Gave a tome to Theosteris on the elvish language. Theosteris died on the expedition to restore R's wife.

Hida Sang - Gave a child's bracelet to Sang. Also (after some violence) transported her through the Shadowlands to retreive Lord Yu's Blade then out again to Wuhai. All this was to protect Sang's unborn children until he was ready to drain their souls and twist their bodies into a vessel for his wife, but he has since sworn in Celestial that he will not harm the children or Sang herself.

Fu Leng -

Current State

Very sick. Convalescing in Heaven.

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