Akash Nara

Akash'nara is an abomination that refuses to die. Part dragon, part undead, part construct, part elemental, this creature is so attuned to the power of destruction that even its own death will not slow its rampages past the next midwinter…

Character Quick Facts
Race Abomination
Weapon of choice Devastation and terror
Religion None
Current Location Sealed beneath Caudala
Role WMD


Therka Akash'nara Del Dunaris

Thousands of years ago, before Storm's Hold was quelled, Akash'nara was known as Thekra Akash'nara Del Dunaris - The Stormwrack, the Harbinger of Devastation - and was one of the most potent beings under the hold of the Lord of Storms, a Changeling. However, while many of the Changelings were cunning creatures, matching the bloodlust of the Holdborn with intelligence, guile, and restraint where necessary, the Stormwrack was a berserker, revelling in destruction and seeking only to lay waste to everything in its path.

With the quelling of the hold, most of the Changelings were rendered similarly inert by the destruction - but Akash'nara fed upon it, and became a greater foe yet, laying waste to lands around and beyond the hold. In the end, two mighty dragons of Luran and Maran joined forces to seek this creature's final death, and bring an end to the assaults. The result laid waste the land for miles around, and finally ended in the death of all three combatants - the dragons destroyed him, but were too weak to escape the elemental storm that forever surrounded him…

However, this was not enough to stop a creature so attuned to destruction. It took centuries for the beast to reconstitute, with the energies of the Lord of Storms so weakened, but using the scattered remnants of the dragons' forms to enhance his own, Akash'nara finally re-emerged as a two-headed, skeletal draconic nightmare, the Stormwrack reborn, and continued the endless swathe of destruction that was its birthright.

And in the time it had taken to return, a new breed of creature had spread across the continent - humans…

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