Alana Flemart

Alana is a character from a game recently canceled who I love too much to let go, thus I am attempting to turn her into an NPC.

Alana Flemart is a seductive sorceress in training who tries her best to be kind to all she meets. She is not above manipulation to achieve her goals, but she only does it for the noblest of ends.

Character Quick Facts
Race Human
Weapon of choice Charm and Beauty
Religion Elona
Current Location A temple
Role Apprentice Sorcerer


As the only daughter of a minor member of house Dallimothan, it may be surprising to some that Alara is not the typical spoiled noble brat. While Alara publicly scorns the rumours that her father is in debt, and sits under the thumb of the Balacazar crime family, the reality is not one she can ignore. Her father’s gambling debts are a constant curse on her family, and indeed it is tearing them apart, as well as threatening their very status as members of house Dallimothan.

Alara knows all too well that should her family go under, she’ll likely end up being sold as a slave, and everything that goes with it. While she’s notorious for flaunting herself, she hardly likes the idea of what being a slave would entail for someone as attractive as her, and seeks to free her family from its chains.

At the age of 13, the young member of “House Dragon” manifested her magical abilities and underwent some training to help master them. Obviously there is only so much one can teach a sorcerer, but she was a good student because it didn’t take her long to realise she was her father’s only hope.

Between her time spent training, Alara took advantage of her… assets… to help raise money, for the last five years she has been the only reason her family has not kept up with their payments to the Balacazar. Charming brainless young noblemen with a combination of magic and her devious mind, she was often able to produce valuable items she’d been given as gifts to help keep the predators at bay, but it was all too clear from day one that she couldn’t keep this up forever, nor would she ever outdo the woeful interest rates of the Balacazar without bigger.

Alara even began experimenting in the same areas that brought her family into this mess, gambling. Using her sharp mind, she aims to bet only where she knows she can beat the odds, and so far as had decent success in this, although she gambles only sparingly in fear of accidentally deepening her families debt.

It was after she got in trouble one day during one of these gambling visits, for winning too much, of course, Alana found herself fleeing for her life. Fleeing blindly, she ran until she found herself lost in the twisting streets, and thought it was all over for her, until she was found, by someone who was definitely not looking to hurt her. Seeing the good in her, the priest showed her to the Temple of the Three, where she has trained ever since, trying to master her mystic arts.

Physical description

Alara is a very.. noticeable young lady. More often than not, she can be seen wearing a violet and cream gown complete with golden lace trimmings. This piece of clothing runs from her wrists to shoulders all the way down to her ankles, and yet through some clever dressmaking and modification, manages to be both low-cut and leave her stomach bare. Long raven hair runs down her back, occasionally tied elaborately with violet and gold ribbons, but more often than not running free and wild. A pair of mischievous green eyes accompany a trademark smirk that both warns everyone nearby she's up to something, and makes most men hope that something involves them in the near future. Her skin is extremely pale, heavily contracting with her dark hair.


Alara can be summed up in two words, "notorious flirt". Alara is quite beautiful and she both knows and takes advantage of this fact wherever she can. Despite her noble upbringing, she is friendly and helpful to everyone she meets, as she knows all too well what it’s like to have life give you a hard time.

While she is always mischievous and frequently devious, she tries never to hurt anyone with any of her schemes, and while she’s broken a few hearts in her time, she’s always very gentle with the feelings of young men, and isn’t cruel or cold about it.

Alara is an intelligent girl, but she has an unfortunate tendency to panic under pressure, which can result in some unpredictable outcomes. When something rushes her, for example, she tends to look away, raise her arms in defence, scream, and blast them with Flare, then take advantage of their momentary distraction to make her escape.

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