A Shyen warrior with a grudge against demons. He has a very large sword… Died in the Sunken Tower.

Character Quick Facts
Race Human, Shyen
Weapon of choice Greatsword
Current Location Sunken Tower
Role Hitting things


Physical description

Angus, like most other Shyens, is a tall, around 6'6", with flaming red hair.


chain shirt enchanted
greatsword magical and cold iron. Hurts demons.
quarterstaff a stick
longbow used for shooting things
javelins rather unusual in the fact they're made of cold iron
other stuff


Only having met the group, he is yet to have formed long-term opinions of them.
Maximus - This guy is… strange… Not sure if he can be trusted.
Ranubi - Not from around here.
Surd - He's upset over the loss of a friend. That I can understand, so I'm not going to hold the fact he pointed a loaded bow at me against him… Will give him a bit of space and hopefully show him that he can trust me.
Tawny - The red hair is nice. Something familiar in this damnable place. Will be careful around her - though she's quite short, it is entirely possible that she might have Shyen blood in her somewhere.
Theo - One of those tiefling fellows. Good at fighting, though. Not sure about the insistence on using a big knife against people… Even if it is a cultural thing of theirs.

Current State

Deceased. Was killed by Ritnik the Defiled.

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