Aussir Vyth

Having a name that translates roughly as 'White steel', Aussir Vyth is a young dragonkin warrior from the area named Luran. She left home in an attempt to prove herself worthy of the attention of the elders.

Character Quick Facts
Race Dragonkin, Luran
Weapon of choice Greatsword
Religion 'Night Eye'
Current Location Somewhere in/near Raspeaken(sp?)
Role Smash/Tank


Physical description

Standing nearly nine feet tall and looking to weigh well over two and a half thousand pounds, the dragonkin in front of you is one of the largest you've ever seen.
A massive creature that looks like a very heavily built draconic-centaur, its body is covered from the tip of its snout to the end of its tail in gleaming white scales that appear have a silvery blue-purple sheen. They seem to almost glow under the light of the white moon. The claws and line of dorsal spikes, as well as those adorning its head, are all the colour of dull steel, contrasting heavily with the rest of the creature. Sharp, white tusk-like fangs protrude from its jaws and a low growl can be heard emanating from deep in its throat.

Even though the overall image is of a dangerous and scary seeming creature, the blue-purple eyes with which it surveys you are both intelligent and seem to hold no malice, quite the opposite in fact. After several seconds of watching you, it opens its mouth and says a number of words in a deep, guttural tongue.

"Martivar. Arominak Aussir Vyth. Thurirl."


the greatsword Lightly enchanted to enhance the weapon's combat potential, The Greatsword is a massive two-handed sword that has engraving running the length of the blade. While the designs look to be just random symbols, closer examination shows them to be some sort of language intertwined with flowing shapes and circles. Large moonstones adorn the crosspiece and pommel, while the grip itself is wrapped in what looks to be the bleached hide of some reptilian creature. It is a beautiful piece of art, as well as a weapon.
the longsword A smaller and less extravagant, but no less well-made, version of The Greatsword. The Longsword has similar engravings along its length, though only one moonstone is to be found upon the weapon and it is set into the pommel. Its grip is wrapped in an identical hide than that of its bigger cousin.
the heavy mace A well-made weapon, it has a grip that is identical to the hilt of The Longsword in all but length. A large metal head tops the weapon. Each 'flange' has a small amount of the engravings, though there seems to be less of the language than what is found upon the swords.
javelins A bundle of five sharpened sticks made from a hardened wood that are designed to be thrown. There is nothing really ornate or interesting about them apart from several symbols engraved about half-way along the shaft.
the heavy shield A well-made, large metal shield with the same design as that on the swords. Has several moonstones embedded around its rim. There appears to be several words following its edge. A strap of white hide looks to be used for carrying the item on its owners back.
the armour Lightly enchanted for defense, this metal armour was originally designed to cover the front and back of the upright portion of Aussir Vyth's torso as well as a portion of the more horizontal parts. It has been recently upgraded to encase the entire length of the dragon-kin's body, from nose to tail-tip and all the way to her toes, in over 100 pounds of darkened metal. It has the same engravings - in both design and language - as the other pieces of the dragonkin's equipment. It includes several large moonstones in its design, while the leather straps that hold the armour together seem to be made of the white hide.
the shamfron The metal plate that covers the top of Aussir's head has a large, whitish dragon scale embedded in the section that sits between her eyes. It is enchanted to stop any magical attempts to discern the dragon-kin's location.
the ring Made of plain steel and with several inset chips of moonstone and a band of engraving around it, this ring is lightly enchanted for protection.
the cloak A cloak of colour-shifting material that seems to change between blue and purple. Along the lower edge is embroidered, in a silver thread, the same designs and lettering as appears on all the other dragonkin's belongings. It is lightly enchanted to assist the wearer resist detrimental effects.


… … …

Current State

ALIVE!!! Thanks to the quick thinking of a certain priest.

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