A cleric of Custos Morum, who was commanded to help Ivatis and Keaira to face and defeat a mighty foe.

Character Quick Facts
Race Human
Weapon of choice Warhammer
Religion Custos Morum
Current Location In Transit
Role Cleric


He has not revealed much of himself to his companions, save that he is married, the head priest of his temple, and that his father is the necromancer Daaven Crea. While Keaira has seen the network of blade-scars on his body (unknown to him), only Ivatis has been told that Crea was responsible for inflicting them.

The only other information he's given is that he 'learned anatomy at the hands of his father'.

Physical description


Short black slightly curly hair, a full beard which is closely trimmed, dark 'smiling' brown eyes. As appearances go he is rather good looking, and his usual expression is one of open, almost perpetual good-natured humour.

His preferred garb is his priestly vestments, mostly because armour is cumbersome, noisy, heavy, and makes you smell like an iron pot after a while, but also because a man in robes is more approachable than a six foot tall man in full plate. Despite his height and armaments, his build is more rangy than muscular.


Outgoing, friendly, if not always optimistic then encouraging, blessed with a dry sense of humour and genuine interest in learning about others (specifically those under his protection). Very rarely negative or critical, he does not anger easily and responds to baiting with apparent amusement. On the religious front, he is welcoming of the curious, entertained by the insulting, and considerate of those in other faiths. Despite being a priest of high standing, he is unobtrusive in his beliefs and will rarely speak of them unless actively invited to, or within his own congregation.

His optimism has changed recently, and rapidly. After accepting a 'gift' in a pocket hell dimension, he has become aware of the thoughts of others—specifically negative plans, anything from serious considerations of murder and betrayal to spiteful wishes that won't be followed through. The sheer influx of despicable plots with nothing positive to balance it out is more than he bargained for.


Carew: A bounty hunter. The young woman escaped her family to wander the world with Figaro. If she could just get over her infatuation with him there'd be more hope for her future. Currently she seems prone to going along with whatever idiotic scheme Figaro proposes, including forcing Aventaris out of prison and helping to subdue him when he refused to cooperate.

Figaro: A loose cannon. Reckless and dangerous, arrogant and overconfident, acting on spur of the moment impulses. Aventaris does not consider him an evil man, but his thoughtless antics have gotten people physically hurt and killed by accident. He is the kind of mage the Maiori should be locking up. It wasn't enough for him to just break out of his own cell, he had to physically force Aventaris to join the escape.

Ivatis Burja: One of the two that Custos Morum ordered him to help. The berserker warrior recently killed a Caementi ambassador by ripping her heart out. That Aventaris sensed suicidal urges from Ivatis after he'd realised what he'd done counts for little—in his way, Ivatis is as dangerous as Figaro when he's overtaken by his rage. To his credit, he did agree a while ago that the party should restrain him if he ever got out of hand. No matter his misgivings about the warrior's mental stability, Aventaris trusts Ivatis at his back.

Keaira: The other of the two that Custos Morum ordered him to help. For her young age, Keaira usually comes across as the most mature of the group. Aventaris knows some of her history and knows she's been through and done things no girl her age should have to experience. Despite it, or perhaps because of it, she has a high regard for morality and working for good ends. Aventaris feels he knows her better than the others of the party, and trusts her at his back.

Kyler Orn: It's too early to form an opinion of this one, or his strange pet. Since he was assigned to the party by the silver dragons instead of chance-met on the road, Aventaris sees no reason to distrust him.

Lorrelyn: Intelligent, aloof, complex history, and her compassion is in her familiar raven rather than herself. She dresses like a necromancer (complete with skull-surmounted staff) to keep people at a distance. Like Figaro, she is an unlicensed mage. All she truly cares about seems to be her studies—she has little to no social interest. Aventaris has made some attempts to draw her out of her shell and felt he was making a little progress until recently. She currently thinks he's a traitor, and while she didn't try to kill him when she found him in prison, Aventaris believes that's only because Carew and Figaro were there.

Current State

After getting away from the thoughts of the city, having a night of sleep and being distracted by conversation with his current escort, calming down somewhat…

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