Battle Of Chiba Strait

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The Battle of Chiba Strait
Date Spring, 2117
Forces Involved SMantis Clan vs Phoenix Clan

Preceding Events

In early spring of 2117, an advance force of the Phoenix Navy was sighted heading directly towards Numaja. While this force was no where near enough to successfully take the Mantis Capital, let alone withstand the harbour defenses, signs where everywhere that the Phoenix was mobilising yet more forces, and there were even rumours of the Lion Clan breaking their neutrality in this ongoing war and siding with the Phoenix. In response, the Mantis massed their entire fleet to launch a counter-attack before the Phoenix could be fully prepared for their campaign.

Upon sighting the vastly superior force approaching them, the advance force turned and retreated back towards Phoenix lands, with the entire Mantis fleet in pursuit.

Ambush at Chiba Strait

Chasing a fleeing force, the Mantis vanguard stormed into the Strait, lead by the flagship the Silver Serpent. However, when the Mantis army reached the narrowest part of the strait, they found themselves under fire from the shores. Shegenja lined the shores and began blasting at the Mantis ships with everything they had. The charge faltered, and the Mantis ships spread out to avoid the blasts. The main fleet was signaled for reinforcements and it began making its way into the Strait also.

The fastest ships moved in to join with the advance forces, who were now also under attack from the Phoenix fleet they had been pursuing while slower ships strafed the shores, intent on taking out whatever they could. It was then the main Phoenix navy struck the Mantis fleet from the rear, hitting their reserves.

Realising things were lost, Admiral Tsuruchi Shou ordered all ships to charge forward at the Phoenix decoy fleet, to attempt to break through and then retreat north-east out Janie Strait. He then whirled the Serpent around and into the teeth of the main Phoenix fleet, intent on rescuing the reserves and covering their retreat. For hours, the Serpent fought off boarding attempts and withstood Shegenja blasts until every last moving ship was safe. Tsuruchi Shou and his crew sustained heavy losses, and sadly as the last few ships were making their escape, he suffered a lethal blow to the stomach. Shou fought on until death claimed him, but were it not for his bold and reckless personal contribution to the battle, dozens of ships would not have escaped. Despite the death of Shou, the Serpent managed to survive the battle, although barely, and limped into port at Minoha.

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