Caudala is the newest and most southwestern part of the Empire of Aeterna.

Caudala Quick Facts
Capital Rest
Largest City Rest
Official Languages Aeternan, Exile's tongue
Demonym Caudalin
Area ???
Population ???


1 Etymology

"Caudala" is a corrupted usage of the Old Aeternan word for "Tail", which describes the physical position of the region quite well, a small, thin region sticking out the end of the city. This name has only been imposed with the region's recent occupation; before this it was simply known as 'Exile' by the various peoples who came to live there.

2 History

When the demonic armies moved from the east, many small nations were consumed by their endless assaults. While many moved to fight, others were evacuated, and with nigh-impassible mountains to the north and south, they were given shelter and assistance by the dragonkin of Luran. As many of their own number had moved to counter the demonic invasion from the east, the dragonkin allowed the humans the western portion of the land they held, that they might be sheltered, while those who would fight, along with the dragonkin themselves, held strong at Luran's borders.

Despite being from no less than four small kingdoms, some of which did not even share a common language, the Exiles bound together in their time of difficulty and began the forging of a new nation, which soon became simply known as "Exile", a simple word that fit into any tongue. For a generation they grew, split only between those who wished to fight and combat the invaders on their own ground, and those who wished to forget what they had lost and start anew. Though the leaders of the two groups frequently quarrelled, they supported each other in times of need.

However, this all fell apart when the more warlike group changed its focus with startling suddenness and launched an assault on Respican to the north. They managed to capture one of the fortress strongholds of the mountain nation, but The Empire Aeterna took considerable offence at the insult, and the counterassault was swift and overwhelming. A calculated and well-executed assault with overwhelming force left Exile in the hands of Aeterna, and the past month has seen them strengthening their grip on the region, and beginning to integrate it into the Empire proper.

3 Politics

Previously run by two elected councils, the land is now being quickly being re-established under the control of the Empire, and its politics are changing to suit that. Now that the land is under control militarily, diplomats and minor lords are beginning to arrive from various parts of the empire, seeking to take control of some of the towns or villages in the newly conquered land - subject to the will of the Empire, of course.

Though he did not arrive with the armies, Caudala has been placed under Lord Andreas Aemilianus, a man famed for his dedication and works throughout the empire, from war to diplomacy, from local improvement to inspiration of the masses. He has begun distributing the major towns of the region amongst his more trusted underlings.

Previous citizens of Exile are not currently permitted to hold any high position of authority. Those regions which have not yet been assigned a magistrate are under military control.

4 Internal Divisions

As far as Aeterna is concerned, the region is completely unified and under control. Everything is under Aemilianus's control and direction, he assigns the land to those he wishes, and there is no secondary party to his rule.

However, as one might expect from a recently conquered land, not everyone is thrilled with this new order. The Aeternans are aware of at least two large-scale rebellious groups - one of which is attempting to rise the people against them and simply make life difficult for them wherever they make life difficult for the people; The other is considerably more militant and destructive, actively engaging their military in places and stealing supplies and weaponry. It is rumoured that the latter may be led by those who escaped the recapture of the Respican fortress.

5 Foreign Relations and Military Policy

Exile held quite a strong bond to the Luran dragonkin of the east, as the two groups had both fought beside each other against the demons. Many of the warriors of Exile consider them friend, but Aeterna has no particular fondness of the dragons, and thus may not hold quite as close an alliance. However, with the threat lurking so dangerously on the other side of the dragons' territory, this may soon change.

6 Geography

Caudala's geography can be described in layers or belts from roughly north to south. The northernmost belt is the southern edge of the mountains of Respican, followed by long stretches of rolling foothills of varying extremety. Central is a wide belt of plains upon which most of the population stands, which narrows in the centre of the region but is nearly the entire north-south stretch to the west; and the south-east section is heavily forested, blending into the forested region of ??? to the southeast. It is worth noting that Caudala does not truly control the forested region as far southeast as its maps might indicate, but several days of travel into the forest is patrolled - although the patrols may not necessarily follow the new laws…

7 Flora and Fauna

With a fairly wide variety of environments and thankfully far enough away from the Hold to escape the worst of the evolutionary chaos and monsters within - though not far away enough to escape its effects entirely - the creatures of Caudala are many and varied, mainly hexapodal in nature. Pseudo-wolves haunt the forests, pseudo-lions the plains and hills.

There are no horses, nor any equivilent creature. Psuedo-oxen do the hauling.

8 Economy

With their previous lands devastated and the new lands just beginning to be settled, most of the economy is at this point purely practical, with just the first hints of luxuries being produced for the upper classes.

9 Demography

10 Culture and Religion

Three major factors currently press for precedence in religion in Caudala.

The Old Gods of the Exiles

From the lands to the east, the gods of the various lands have been forsaken or eliminated by the demonic forces, for the most part, and no longer give any strength to their worshippers. Only three still answer, and their influence and power wanes with the Aeternan forces outlawing their official practice.

The Aeternan Gods

The Aeternan pantheon is currently reigning supreme. Temples are already under construction in Rest and Bastion, and plans have been made for the other cities also.

The Three

Unwilling to give up their hold on such possibility as a country bereft of gods and land alike, the worshippers of the Three yet infiltrate the cities, doing what they can. They hold various strongholds and safehouses throughout all the major cities, but only one true, fortified temple exists in the nation to date.

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