Dimrosians are almost unfailingly arrogant and condescending. Even the lowest of them is taught from birth that they are superior to all other humans, and especially the non-human races. They have a deep love of tradition, and have a very martial history.

Physical Description

Dimrosians are typically short for humans, averaging 5’4” in height and tend toward gracile builds, averaging around 140lb. They most commonly have swarthy skin, black hair and brown eyes. Short hair and clean shaven faces are preferred for men, while long hair, elaborately styled, is favored for women.


The Dimrosians form a ruling class in their lands, making their relations with other human races frosty at best. They consider most strange beliefs or customs to be indicative of an inherent weakness, and attempt to bring all people under their aegis, so they may be educated.


The Dimrosians dominate the expansive Empire of Dimrost, which consists mostly of rich, arable land. With in the empire, they are most common in and around Dimrost City, but most settlements of any size will have a family or two of Dimrosian nobles ruling it.


Dimrosians swiftly imposed their religion on their conquered peoples. The main pantheon consists of five gods, the One Sun, Nyx the Nightwatcher, Vernis the Bloody, Hecaries the Toiler, and Jestis the Ordered. There are also a number of lesser gods.


Dimrosians speak Dimrost, their ancestral language. This has since become the primary language of their empire. An ancient form, known as High Dimrost, survives as a language of scholars and mages.


Dimrosians favor names that sound similar to classical Greek and Roman names. Only members of aristocratic families posses true last names, though most Dimrosians will have a nick-name or be known by their trade or place of birth.

Male Names

  • Adrastos
  • Eustathios

Female Names

  • Thais
  • Helena

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