Empire of Dimrost

Also known simply as Dimrost. Dimrost is an empire in the far southeast of the continent. Composed of a conglomeration of powerful city-states, it vies with the Kingdom of Silver Stars for power and land.

Empire of Dimrost Stars Quick Facts
Capital Dimrost
Largest City Dimrost
Official Languages Dimrosian
Demonym Dimrosian
Area ???
Population ???

1 Etymology

2 History

3 Politics

The Empress of Dimrost is in fact a half-dragon, and the nation is quietly under the thumb of Vesterablix, a pseudo-deity Black Dragon. Only a very select group of individuals are aware o this fact.

4 Internal Divisions

5 Foreign Relations and Military Policy

6 Geography

7 Flora and Fauna

8 Economy

9 Demography

10 Culture

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