A or "Way" is any one of a number of spiritual, martial, or aesthetic disciplines that evolved in the Empire of Silver Stars.

A implies a body of knowledge and tradition with an ethic and an aesthetic, and having the characteristics of specialization (senmonsei), transmissivity (keishōsei), normativity (kihansei), universality (kihensei), and authoritativeness (ken'isei).

Real World listing of Dō (OOC)

Aikido (合気道), the Way of harmonious spirit
Compassionate hand-to-hand fighting

Bushidō (武士道), the Way of the warrior
The samurai moral code

Chadō (茶道), or sadō, or chanoyu, the Way of tea
The Japanese tea ceremony

Gendai budō (現代武道), modern warrior Way
The group of martial disciplines that arose after the Meiji restoration

Hapkido (合氣道), the Way of coordinating energy
Korean hand-to-hand fighting

Iaido (居合道), the Way of harmonious life
A Japanese martial art associated with the smooth, controlled movements of drawing the sword

Jōdō (杖道), the Way of the jō
Wooden staff fighting

Judo (柔道), the "gentle way"
A grappling martial art

Jūkendō (銃剣), the Way of the bayonet
Bayonet fighting

Kadō (華道) or Ikebana, the Way of flowers
Flower arrangement

Karate or karate-dō (空手道), the Way of the empty hand
Bare hand fighting

Kendo (剣道), the Way of the sword
Traditional Japanese fencing

Kumdo (劍道), the Way of the sword
Traditional Korean fencing

Kōdō, (香道), the Way of fragrance
Appreciation of incense

Kyūdō, (弓道), the Way of the bow
Zen archery

Gungdo, (弓道), the Way of the bow
Traditional Korean archery

Kyushindo, the Way of longing for knowledge of the fundamental nature of anything
Japanese-inspired Western school of hand-to-hand fighting

Nanbudo (南武道), the Way of the Nan warrior
Hand-to-hand fighting recently evolved from karate

Shinto (神道), the Way of the gods
The native religion of Japan

Shodo (書道), the Way of writing
Traditional Japanese brush calligraphy

Taekwondo (跆拳道), the Way of the foot and fist
A traditional Korean martial art

Taido (躰道), the Way of the body
Hand-to-hand fighting evolved from Okinawan karate

Tang Soo Do (唐手道), the Way of the Chinese Fist
A Korean martial art with roots in Karate and Kung-fu

Tao or Dào (道) (Chinese usage), the Way of the universe
The cosmic ordering principal of nature ("Dō" in Japanese and Korean) (see also Chinese Taoism)

Yoseikan Budo (養正館武道), the teaching truth place warrior Way
Comprehensive martial art with ancient roots


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