Drog is an orc exposed at birth by his tribe and rescued by Kolskegg.

Character Quick Facts
Race Orc
Weapon of choice Various
Religion Undecided
Current Location Gorkamorka
Role Warrior/The Git





Facebeater is a large steel shield with cold iron spikes attached to the front. The origin of the magic shield is unknown however it appears to be of a very archaic design, possibly early Dimrosian. The name of the weapon was given its current name after Drog used it in combat training as a weapon and broke the nose of his instructor.

The spikes of cold iron were a recent addition by Drog in more recent times, made from a holy symbol of Onagal on a door in the sunken temple. The weapon has enchantments of offense and defense.


Gitsnik is a primitive Orc longsword with a cold iron blade. The name of the weapon itself is Orcish for ‘Foe-Killer’ and has served Drog well in this respect. The weapon was only recently altered to have a blade of cold iron, made from a holy symbol of Onagal on a door in the sunken tower.

The Historian helped Drog to attach the new blade to the hilt, ensuring the magic of the weapon was not destroyed in the process.

Battle Axe of the Last Waagh

Gizza’s Stikka

Drog’s ‘Itty Bitty Ring

Drog’s ‘Itty Bitty Ring was given to him by Gizza as a gift. It is a simple iron ring and has enchantments of protection. These enchantments have saved Drog more than once.

An oddity of Goblin magic, the rings magic only works if worn on the second finger of the left hand.

Gits Lucky Ring

Git was a lucky Goblin, he was as fast as the wind and as quiet as the night. Skills that aided him well in his quest to destroy the Watchers. This ring was used by Git to shield his mind from magic to read his thoughts, something he was very paranoid about.

On his death he gave the ring to Drog to aid him in his quest.

Effigy of Gord

Flag of the Battle for Teifi

Drogs Lucky ‘Elment

Da Prize Belt




Typhenon Blackhand


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