Emperor Of Silver Stars

The ruler of the Empire of Silverstars, a boy of eight years, believed to be descended from dragons and thus a god in his own right.

Character Quick Facts
Race Human? Believed part dragon. Believed deity
Weapon of choice ?
Religion Himself
Current Location Nakashibetsu - the Imperial City
Role Supreme Ruler of the Empire of Silver Stars


For as long as there has been an Empire, there has been an Emperor. This one is just the most recent.

During a recent sojourn across the Empire, he recruited the aid of Hida Sang to investigate a great evil he feared was threatening him. Shortly after his departure from the Yu Kingdom he returned to the Imperial City and was seen even more rarely than before. Many of his servants and entertainers were sent away, many of the imports were no longer requested, and the island began to purchase a great many crysanthemums. Rumours abounded that he was ill and/or dying, though these beliefs were in error. The Empress Dowager, his mother, had placed the boy in a spiritual cage powered by evil energy that radiated corruption towards him and slowly sought to infect his soul. Fortunately he was able to slow the process through meditation, and he was eventually rescued from his prison by the ghost of Usami Maiko and a guardian spirit.

Physical description

As the Emperor is viewed as a deity, few (if any) are honoured with hearing his own voice or seeing him in the flesh. When in public, the Emperor has servants to convey his requests or commands and is shrouded in a floor length cloth of gold.

Unshrouded, he looks to be an eight year-old boy of unremarkable, even homely appearance. His head is shaven.


A floor-length gold shroud. The Empire and everything in it.


Dowager Empress - His mother, his spokesperson, and the person who truly rules behind the scenes. Until freed by Usami Maiko, the Dowager had 'protected' her son by imprisoning him a spirit world cage powered by vile evils.

Emperor's Champion - Considered to be the paramount warrior in the Empire, and also responsible for the Imperial Guards.

Imperial Dragon - Possibly blood related.

Usami Maiko - Currently possessing him and rescuing him.

Current State

Escaping Nakashibetsu with Maiko.

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