Epiach (City)

Epiach is the name of both a state and its capital. Caught between the Empire of Dimrost and the Kingdom of Silver Stars, Epiach had previously been under the control of the latter but was until very recently under Dimrosian control, and has now struck forth as an independant nation.


Previously under the control of Dimrost, but cut off from the rest of its population by a mountain range, Epiach had much to be worried about, with both a quite strong orcish presence and the rather warlike Unicorn clan sharing a boundary.

Recent History

Over the past year, Epiach has suffered disaster after disaster.

Gowron's March

An Orcish army, led by Gowron, attempted to conquer the area in the name of Orcishkind. Through the stalwart efforts of the defenders, and Drog recruiting a large portion of the orcish force, the enemy forces retreated for the moment, but not before laying waste to many of the outlying regions and doing considerable damage to the capital city.

The Lich Lord's Wrath

After an unfortunate run-in with the party, the Mage Lord Thyrul fled the city, under the impression that the Empress's minions had discerned his true alliegences. After a period of weeks, he returned in the form of a Lich, at the head of a skeletal army of Bane Thralls, and proceeded to bolster his army with Epiach's population.

Through the efforts of Amphetrion, the Paladin of war, as well as some assistance from powerful undead hunters from the north, the undead were held off at the river, until in a final climatic battle the party struck forth, routed his army, and killed the Lich Lord - putting him out of commission but not permanently destroying him. However, this was not before a tower was summoned from the Shadowlands. Though the tower was quickly destroyed, the area around it was quickly discovered to be tainted, and the remnants of the tower fell in the river, spreading the taint further.

T'char's retaliation

Due to certain events that occurred in T'char's hell, the party came into possession of two of the dark god's Warjacks and a Warcaster, Sargassus. Unwilling to leave such valuable resources in the possession of mortals in the Material Plane - let alone those who might follow good - a vast campaign was launched, led by The Snow Queen and bringing their vast technological and magical superiority against Epiach about a month after the Lich Lord's assault.

Unwilling to relinquish their hostage-turned-ally, Epiach's weary forces went to war again. Though heavy losses were taken, the warriors of T'char were repelled. Epiach came into possession of a great deal of T'charan technology, including several hundred rifles, four more warjacks, and enchanted armour and weapons, as well as taking several hundred prisoners and another warcaster hostage.


The city is now in the process of rebuilding its strength, unhindered by war for the first time in some time. Having now split from Dimrost and declared itself an independant nation, and under the rule of Garreth Caesar, the city is recovering from its war and preparing itself from the future.

Having made an enemy of Dimrost, but close allies with most other local regions, the challenge now is to hold together the multitudinous races which now make up the nation, as well as prepare for the next war.




By law, the council head has unlimited veto power, thus granting almost dictatorial power. In practice, however, this power is rarely used frivolously, due to the individual power posed by the council membership.


Gareth Caeser
Elected head of the council and leader of the country. The archaic title Caesar was chosen over king or emperor to lessen potential tensions with Dimrost.

Gorgrim Red Toof
Grogrim is the intelligent and straight forward leader of the Red Toof tribe and representative of the Orc residents of Epiach. His political affiliation has been very firmly inline with that of Drog, who he in practicality is a representative of on the council.

Skraga is a cunning and slightly underhand Tiefling Orc, leader of the Big Horn Boyz and who represents the Tiefling population of Epiach. His bold and aggressive statements in council are a convenient cover for numerous clandestine infiltrations and dealings.

Niblit is a fierce and bold Goblin politician, fully dedicated to both securing and fully exploring the implications of the Goblins newly bestowed emancipation. His high pitched voice can be heard regularly shouting down opponents in council, and he is fearless is forcing his opinion across..

Lord Mazentius
Lord Mazentius is the only current representative of the pre-troubles Epiach Council. Young and naive, he came to power only months before those events. He represents the interests of the city of Epiach, as opposed to country, and there have been some accusations of incompetence over his lack of input into the recent wars.

Alianora was previously the housemaid slave of a now deceased Epiach noble. She was appointed from amongst her peers to represent the interests of the newly emancipated human slaves and gladiators. Her voice is a timid but firm one on the council, concerned currently with how her charges will integrate into the wider community fairly and without prejudice.

Primarch Typhenon of the united religion of the Three
Recently appointed head of the previously illegal worship of the Three, Typhenon is a reluctant member of the council, and has so far been conspicuously absent.

Frig is a zealous proponent and priest of the religion of da Freer. Due to the religions popularity with the goblin community, Frig clashes constantly with Niblit over which of them truly represents their people. He also clashes constantly with the two orc members of the council, and has on numerous occasions voted counter to them for no obvious reason.

Potent Yoshi of the Tree
Den Yoshi was born a member of the Ashigaru class in the Unicorn lands of the Kingdom of Silver Stars. Employed as a scout, he fled to Epiach during the orc assault. There he discover both a latent connection to nature and the religion of the Tree. Under tutelage from a mysterious patron, he as since risen to the position of Potent of the Tree in Epiach.

Scythis Venitares, Master of the Night
Taking over from the previous Scythis, Euryganeia, upon her ascension to Caesaria, the Darkborn known as Vengeance has yet to attend a sitting of the council.

An oddity on the council, Skarsnik seems to possess no particular agenda or interest. She is a swinging element, who's vote can rarely be predicted. Indeed, her vote was the decider that placed Garreth rather than Drog as the head of council.

Isadora acted as a scribe for the first meeting of the council. She now acts as the Epiach ambassador over in the Kingdom of Silver Stars.





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