"Figaro Valentine; Hunter of Bounty, Archmage of Maori, Peerless Defender of Aeterna; perhaps you've heard of me?"

Character Quick Facts
Race Human?
Weapon of choice Magic
Religion Himself
Current Location Trapped
Role Party Face and Magical Support


Part One: Childhood

Figaro Valentine, despite his demeanour, has not lead an easy life.

Born into a family of tradesmen, Figaro knew from a young age he was special; that he was different, but exactly how he knew or what it was were not revealed to him for some time. His family life was trying, even at a young age he was more intelligent than his older siblings, and soon had trouble relating with them. With his intelligence and imagination, he began to dream of a life more glamorous and prestigious than working as a cooper.

It was when he reached the age of twelve that his abilities began to reveal themselves to him. The first was his ability to see normally in the dark for a ways, something he didn't notice he possessed for some time. He also became quite good at telling tales, but again this augmentation was but an enhancement of his previous abilities and he didn't notice it initially.

One winter, he grew very sick, so much so that his parents believed he would not survive despite their best efforts. His cough grew worse each day, and his body weaker. But one day, he suddenly made a great recovery; not fully shaking off the illness, but improving to the point where he was no longer bedridden. This was the first overt sign that their son might possess magical ability, and being good parents, in unable to relate to their son, they tried to pretend they hadn't noticed.

It was at age 14 that things took a turn for the worst. Getting into a fight with one of his older siblings, Figaro ended up on the wrong end of a beating. Frustrated and furious, as well as being filled with self-righteous teenage hormones, Figaro wished he could hurt his older brother. His wish was granted, as a beam of light shot from his arm and struck his surprised brother in the shoulder.

The blast, thankfully, did not kill him, but it didn't matter. Figaro had demonstrated magic in an area he may have been seen, severely injured his brother, who took months to heal from the burns. His parents knew he would be claimed by Maori soon if he didn't leave. They sat him down and explained his options to him; he could be handed over to the Maori to be trained as a wizard, or spend a life always on the run. Sadly, with Figaro's imagination, all he heard was "spend a life of adventure as a wanderer". He gave them his answer, which caused them yet more distress.

They told him as a Maoran, he could serve to defend Aeterna. He would be a part of the magical knowledge and power of the whole empire. He said he'd have a look at Maori, but wouldn't sign up until he liked what he saw. He was dismissed to his room. That night, his mother in tears and his father furious at his son's lack of grasp on reality; Figaro Valentine snuck into the storeroom, stole some food, one of his brother's hunting bow, and fled into the night.

The Maori weren't far behind him. He narrowly escaped a number of times, but he realised he was being herded and it wouldn't be longer until he walked into the trap waiting for him as they closed in. Hiding down a foxhole, Figaro spend several days in intense concentration, trying to do magic. He didn't understand how his abilities work, he just wanted to find a way to escape. It was then that the spirits first spoke to him.

He learned that they were a part of him, and could help him do things; great things. He was told he was not as a normal magic user, he was not a sorcerer, but something different. They told him if he meditated each morning, they could provide him with insight, give him new abilities. The next morning, Figaro fled from his safe hole, a gentle breeze whipping around him that obscured his tracks and his scent. He slipped right through the Maori net; which had weakened somewhat as they searched for the boy who had disappeared a few days ago.

Part Two: Figaro Valentine; Hero of the People

From there, Figaro did as he promised he would; he began to investigate Maori. He blended into the populace and watched the workings of Maori; doing what he could to survive. He tried to hunt when he was on the road, he pretended to be an orphan and begged in city street, he did chores for food and board in farmhouses. All the while he stalked groups of Maori, and watched their effort by day, and at night he communed with himself, and further mastered his abilities.

After about a year of watching Maori, which mostly consisted of travel, Figaro had seen enough. They were people with practically no individuality, mindlessly bringing in anyone who showed any magical talent, "For the good of Aeterna". In his mind, he formed his plan; it was risky and dangerous, but if he could pull it off…

That night, he lured away one of the lesser Maorans and killed them. He would have preferred not to have to kill the mage, but his power wasn't designed for anything else. He didn't have time to ponder morals though; he had a mission. Taking the mage's robes, papers and spellbook, he set off into the night.

Fearing a reprisal from Maori, he fled to Umbern; he had already picked up that Maori had policies involving Umbern and generally stayed away. And so he found his way there, maintaining his disguise as a orphaned begger. With aid of the spirits knowledge, he proved his ability with a blade and earned himself what little respect he could. It was here that Figaro de-sensitised himself to violence, learning that for some, it was a day-to-day necessity of life.

After a few months, and a couple of close encounters, Figaro had learned enough that he was willing to move on. His abilities were stronger, he realised had a great deal more resiliency than he thought he did. He'd somehow managed to retain his youthful optimising and dreams, despite living amongst death and violence. Purposefully, he marched back into Aeterna, confident he was ready, and began his new life.

Figaro began to do Maori's work for them; he hunted down reported sorcerers. Once he had found them, he judged their abilities based on what he could see; if they were abusing their power or were dangerous to Aeterna, he brought them in to the nearest temple of Anguis; which served as a place to post bounties. If they were more or less harmless, he approached them and helped them escape Maori.

Of course, this career didn't provide him with regular enough income to survive, so Figaro branched out into general bounty hunting. It was more or less honest work, it was exciting, and it was for the good of Aeterna. He was out there, helping people. However, he suffered one problem; people simply wouldn't take him seriously unless he donned the Maori robes, and asked too many questions when he did. He needed to build a reputation if he wanted to at least claim respect from his peers and at least some from the rest of society, who looked down upon bounty hunters.

Thus, the image of Figaro Valentine was born. Charming, suave, daring; everything a good hero should be. Any money he had spared went towards fine clothing, he had to look his best. And thing picked up for him rapidly for a while. Trusting that real heroes didn't need money; and always lived well, he spent whatever he made quickly. His increased confidence also resulted in his first deliberate expeditions in womanising; his years travelling had yielded the occassional bored farmer's daughter who sought excitement, but in those situations he was definitely not the one instigating things. However, a few months of a rapidly rising star finally yielded what he had expected to happen sooner or later; attention from Maori. They sent a group to find Figaro and bring him in.

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