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If Typh's aspects were difficulty, KKK's are even worse. And if his skills seem like they should be higher, it's because it needed to be a legal skillset, he cannot have any more skills at Superb without more at Great, wihout more at Good, without more at Fair. He's literally stacked as much towards high skills as he can without picking up more skills.

Interestingly, due to the nature of the system, KKK ends up being a much better caster, comparitivly speaking. Partially this is due to his blood magic actually representing the full array of things he does with it in this system

Name: Kukulkan
High Concept: Champion of the Wyld Sun
Trouble: The Madness Within

Other Aspects: Blessed by the Light (Has some gifts from the Three), No Patience for Pleasantries, Dragon Warden (Has no trouble standing up against something much more powerful than him), Demon Hunter(basically favoured enemy) (One other)
Stress Tracks

Physical: O O O O (+3 mild consequence)
Mental: O O O O
Social: O O O O


Alertness – Great (+5)
Athletics – Good (+3)
Burglary – Mediocre (+0)
Contacts – Average (+1)
Conviction – Great (+4)
Craftmanship - Average (+1)
Deceit – Average (+1)
Discipline – Good (+3)
(Driving) - Mediocre(+0)
Empathy - Average (+1)
Endurance – Superb (+5)
Fists – Supurb(+5)
Bows(Guns) - Great (+4)
Intimidation - Fair (+2)
Investigation - Good (+3)
Lore - Fair (+2)
Might – Good (+3)
Performance – Mediocre (+0)
Presence – Average (+1)
Rapport – Mediocre (+0)
Resources – Fair (+2)
Scholarship – Fair (+2)
Stealth – Great (+4)
Survival – Superb (+5)
Weapons – Great (+4)


Corner of my Eye(Alertness) - When success rolling alertness to passively pick up details, gain an additional 2 shifts. This reflects the ability to pick up on more pieces of information, but does not improve on the depth of that information (which would take thigns into the realm of investigation)

Jury-Rigger (Craftsmanship) - When Jury-rigging, KKK's repairs last 2 scenes longer than normal.

Unshakable (Discipline) - When defending against social or mental attacks with Discipline, any of KKK's aspects (such as consequences or otehr temporary or permenant aspects) that get tagged only provide a +1 (instead of the usual +2). If the attacker chooses to tag for a reroll, you may "lock down" one of their dice, leaving him with only the other 3 to reroll.

No Pain, No Gain (Endurance) KKK may take two additional physical consequences.

Tireless (Endurance) KKK's Endurance is considered Fantastic whenever it might restrict, compliment or otherwise modify another skill. This has no effect when endurance is rolled directly, however.

Subtle Menace(Intimidate) When the context of power is absent, or the victim of an intimidate check is actually in a superior position, they gain no advantage bonus.

Quick Eye(Investigation) When examining a location for clues, KKK's first investigation roll to determine deeper details about the scene is two time increments faster than usual.

Linguist (Scholarship) - KKK may speak and read additional languages as if his scholarship skill were 4 higher. (Adding 4 languages)

Go Native (Survival) - KKK makes scavenging rolls at +1 and the time between rolls for a prolonged stay is extended by 1 time increment.

Hunter (Survival) - KKK gains +2 on any efforts to track.


Claws -1
[Venomous -1] (Cost of vemon halved because it only affects evil creatures)

Echoes of the Beast -1 (refluffed slightly, this provides his ability to speak when shapeshifted, as well as further boosting his eyesight and giving wild empathy)

Shaman Magic -4 (sponsered?)
Blood Magic -2 (2 point discount due to already having another type of magic which contains both Evocation and Thaumaturgy)

Item of Power -1
[Demonic co-pilot -1 (or rather, refluffed from the as written power)
Stormcalling -2 (covers most of her powers)
One time discount +2]

True Shapeshifting: -4

Modular Abilities -7 (grants 5 refresh points worth of powers that can be chosen to suit different shapeshifted forms)

Guide My Hand -1

Total Refresh Cost: -32

Looking at Typhenon, he's got a lot of powers giving him a huge refresh cost, but he suffers from having the skillset of a cleric, by contrast to the heavily skilled Maiko.

I'm also not really sure on how to aspect him properly

Name: Typhenon Blackhand
High Concept: Primach of the Three
Trouble: Enemy of Evil Number One

Other Aspects: Humble Roots, Me and my Big Mouth, My Overbearing Sister, (2 others)

Stress Tracks

Physical: O O O O
Mental: O O O O (+1 minor consequence)
Social: O O O O


Alertness – Fair (+2)
Athletics – Average (+1)
Burglary – Mediocre(+0)
Contacts – Fair (+2)
Conviction – Superb(+5)
Craftmanship - Mediocre (+0)
Deceit – Average (+1)
Discipline – Great(+4)
(Driving) - Mediocre(+0)
Empathy - Superb(+5)
Endurance – Great(+4)
Fists – Average(+1)
Bows(Guns) - Average(+1)
Intimidation - Fair(+2)
Investigation - Mediocre(+0)
Lore - Good(+3)
Might – Good (+3)
Performance – Mediocre (+0)
Presence – Great (+4)
Rapport – Good (+3)
Resources – Good (+3)
Scholarship – Fair (+2)
Stealth – Mediocre (+0)
Survival – Mediocre (+0)
Weapons – Superb (+5)


Counselor(Empathy): Typhenon can use his Empathy to justify another's recovery from moderate or severe mental or social consequences, provided he has time and opportunity to provide them with his councelling.

Occultist (Elohim) - Typhenon gains +1 to Lore when researching Elohim and an additional +1 when researching angels due to his little black book.

Best Foot Fowards(Rapport) - People like Typhenon, epsecially when he's delibrately trying to make a good impression. He receieves +1 on his roll to make a good first impression and failing this roll will never give him a negative temp aspect or make the situation worse. (Huh… maybe I should give him Personal Magnetism (see Maiko) instead?)

Doctor (Scholarship) - Typhenon may use his scholarship to justify recovery from a moderate physical consequences when outside a medical facility, or a severe one when within a medical facility. For research purposes, he gains +1 to scholarship when doing medical research and receieves an additional +1 in (a specific area of medicine; trauma? )


Magic of the Three (-4) (Sponsored Magic)
Marked by Power(The Three) (-1)

Supernatural Toughness (-4)
Supernatural Recovery (-4)
The Catch (Evil aligned weapons) (+3)

Guide My Hand (-1)
Righteousness (-2)
Holy Touch (-1)

Tongues (-1)
Soul Sister (Maiko) -1

Total Refresh Cost: -20

Got a bit lazy at the end, didn't want to copy out the powers word for word as they're not exactly short. I'll probably do Typh and KKK soon as well.

Name: Usami Maiko
High Concept: Champion of Jin
Trouble: Never enough hours in the day (divided loyalties and responsibilities leave Maiko scrambling to try and get everything done)

Other Aspects: Honorable as any other Jin (Dirty fighter, not above deceptive tactics), Maiko-Manager (Tries to personally oversee everything), My Gaijin Brother, Jin’s Amulet, (one other, possibly something about the Chi)

Stress Tracks

Physical: O O O O
Mental: O O O O
Social: O O O O


Alertness – Superb (+5)
Athletics – Superb (+5)
Burglary – Fair(+2)
Contacts – Fair (+2)
Conviction – Good(+3)
Craftmanship - Fair (+2)
Deceit – Good(+3)
Discipline – Great(+4)
Sailing(Driving) - Great(+4)
Empathy - Fair(+2)
Endurance – Great(+4)
Fists – Average(+1)
Bows(Guns) - Average(+1)
Intimidation - Fair(+2)
Investigation - Good(+3)
Lore - Fair(+2)
Might – Average (+1)
Performance – Average (+1)
Presence – Great (+4)
Rapport – Average (+1)
Resources – Good (+3)
Scholarship – Great (+4)
Stealth – Good (+3)
Survival – Mediocre (+0)
Weapons – Superb (+5)


On my toes(Alertness): Maiko gains +2 to alertness when using it to determine initiative

Paranoid? Probably: Maiko gains +2 to alertness when rolling against surprise

I can get there!(Athletics) – Maiko gains a +1 bonus on rolls to overcome zone barriers in combat, and an additional +1 if it’s made as a supplemental action prior to an attack.

Monkey with a Wrench (Craftmanship) - Maiko gains +1 to take something apart, and gets it disassembled one time increment faster.

Read the Surface(Empathy): Maiko can get a sense of someone quickly when trying to “read” them. Her first attempt to read someone takes less than a minute of interaction, instead of the usual ten. Subsequent efforts to read do not gain this benefit.

Personal Magnetism(Presence): Maiko has a calm confidence that others find appealing. When rolling presence to establish a “passive” reaction to her, make the roll at +2

The Weight of Reputation(Presence): Maiko’s reputation is such that it puts her in an easy position of power. People in power are good at scaring folks who aren’t. She may use her Presence instead of intimidation to scare someone, provided the target knows of her and her “rep”.

Off-hand Weapon Training: Maiko knows how to fight more effectively with two weapons in hand. Normally, you may only take the damage bonus from one weapon on a successful hit; with this stunt Maiko may add half the second weapon’s bonus as well (round up)

Riposte: On a successful defense with weapons, Maiko may sacrifice her next action to make that defense into an immediate and automatically successful attack.

Wall of Death: Maiko’s skill with weapons is such that she can attack several opponents at once, creating a veritable “Wall of Death” around her. This allows her to use the weapons skill to make spray attacks with her melee weapon of choice against opponents that are in her zone.


Item of Power (Jin’s amulet) -2
(One time discount +1, Channeling (Healing Magic) -2, Holy Touch(on weapons) -1)

Righteousness -2

Soul Brother -1 (Maiko has an unnatural awareness of her brother and can sense his location as relative to her and his current emotions)

Total Refresh Cost: -15

The Darkwood Heart
WebseerWebseer 23 Sep 2011 13:11
in discussion Misc / OOC » The Darkwood Heart

Powers of the Darkwood Heart

The Darkwood heart olds great power over nature, and is particularly dangerous to aberrations. It resonates with the grief and pain of Kashyra, however, and all life eventually suffers at its touch.

Using the Darkwood Heart

The Darkwood Heart is a magic weapon, and has a few constant abilities that can be used by any character who takes possession of it. To gain access to the full powers of the Staff, however, a character must form a spiritual bond with it. Only a character capable of taking an animal companion can form such a link, and to maintain the link he must release any animal companions that he possesses. The process is described in more detail below, but with the exception of the base powers, these abilities must be unlocked through the bond.
In addition to the need to bond with the Staff, the powers of the Darkwood Staff vary with its mood. Every day, the character must engage in a personality conflict with the staff, making a Will save against the Staff's ego of 30. The wielder gains a +1 circumstance bonus to this check for every living creature with at least 1HD that the Staff killed the previous day. If the check is successful, the staff is calm for the next day; it is less mournful and aggressive. If the check I failed, the Staff is upset; it swings between rage and despair, often crying aloud or sobbing telepathically in the wielder's mind. During these times, it is only interested in lashing out and harming other things. The owner of the Staff may always choose to fail the check if he wants Kashyra to be upset.

Constant powers

Class Level Enhancement Bonus Spell Modifier Insight Bonus Special
1st-2nd +2/+2 +0 +0 Dryad's Tears, Skill Use, Telepathic Bond
3rd-5th +2/+2 +1 +3 Bearer of Blight 1/day, Darkwood Defence, Inner Turmoil -1, Soul Bond
6th-8th +2/+2 +1 +3 Kashyra's Anger, Stromcalling I
9th-11th +3/+2 +2 +4 Bearer of Blight 3/day, Inner Turmoil -3
12th-14th +3/+3 +2 +4 Bloodwood, Dryard's Charms, Stormcalling II
15th-17th +4/+3 +3 +5 bearer of Blight 5/day, Fury of the Forest, Inner Turmoil -5
18th-20th +4/+4 +3 +5 Dark Bond, Stromcalling III

Base Powers: Regardless of whether a character has bonded to the Staff, it is a +2 aberration bane/+2 aberration bane quarterstaff. Kashyra is an intelligent item (Int 14, Wis 18, Cha 20, Ego 30; AL NE) capable of telepathic communication and speech; she speaks Common, Druidic, Elven and Sylvan. She possesses the following skills: Knowledge (nature) +16, Listen +12, Perform (song) +16, Sense Motive +12, Spot +12, Survival +12. However, she never uses these skills on behalf of an unbonded wielder.
Enhancement Bonus: The enhancement bonus of the Staff increases as the bearer's connection to it grows stronger, as shown on the table. The first number is the sculpted head of the Staff, while the second is the plain head.
Skill Use: When Kashyra is calm she may use her skills on behalf of her bonded wielder. She can use her Perform skill to aid any performer within vocal distance; because of her inhuman skill, she provides her partner with a +4 bonus to his Perform check.
Telepathic Bond: The telepathic connection between the Darkwood Heart and its bonded owner allows communication at any distance, provided the two are on the same plane.
Darkwood Defence: The Darkwood Heart was designed to battle aberrations, and it provides an insight bonus to a bonded user. The bonus is applied to defence in various ways, based on the user's level. (Note that several of the following powers refer to “natural” magic or spells. This indicates any divine magic based on a connection to nature, and includes spells cast by druids, rangers, or clerics accessing the air, animal, earth, fire, plant or water domains.)
- At 3rd level, a bonded user adds the insight bonus to saving throws against attacks made by aberrations (including spells, spell-like abilities, extraordinary abilities, and any other offensive action that allows a saving throw.)
At 6th level, a bonded user adds the insight bonus to his armour class when attacked by an aberration.
- At 9th level, a bonded user adds the insight bonus to his armour class when attacked by an animal or plant. This only applies when Kashyra is upset.
- At 12th level, a bonded user adds the insight bonus to saving throws against natural magic and any attack made by an animal, fey, elemental, or plant. This only applies when Kashyra is upset.
- At 15th level, a bonded user adds the insight bonus to his armour class when defending against attacks made by a fey, or elemental. This only applies when Kashyra is upset.
The character only receives the bonuses if he is holding the Darkwood Staff.
Soul Bond: At 3rd level, the wielder begins to feel a stronger connection to Kashrya's despair and anger at the natural world. This affects the wielders ability to use certain types of natural magic.
When the caster uses a natural spell designed to harm, physically bind, or repel (such as flame blade, entangle, contagion, or anti-life shell), he may add the spell modifier value to the caster level and saving throw DC of the spell.
If Kashyra is upset, the user must subtract the spell modifier value from caster level and saving throw DC any time he uses a natural spell designed to calm, charm, heal or encourage growth.
The DM must make the final call as to whether a spell is benevolence or aggressive; many spells (such as bull's strength or detect snares and pits) are neutral and unaffected.
These bonuses and penalties are based on the character’s bond and apply even when the character is not holding the Darkwood Staff.
Kashyra's Anger: The Staff was designed to fight aberrations, but Kashyra's hatred extends to the natural world. Beginning at 6th level, the sculpted end of the Staff is treated as a bane weapon against aberrations, animals, elementals, fey, plants, and any creature with the ability to use natural magic (such as a ranger or druid). These do not stack, so a druid in animal form does not suffer double damage. When Kashrya is upset, the sculpted end gains the vicious quality; the Staff strikes with tremendous force but leeches energy from the wielder.
Bloodwood: As of 12th level, the Staff begins to draw blood from its victims, absorbing it into itself. The sculpted end gains the wounding quality, in addition to the abilities granted by Kashyra's Anger.
Fury of the Forest: beginning at 15th level, when Kashyra is upset, both ends of the Staff gain the vicious quality.
Dark Bond: At 18th level, the caster may spontaneously cast the following spells by dropping a prepared ranger or druid spell of equal or higher level: contagion (3rd), diminish plants (3rd), poison (3rd), blight (4th). However, when he casts spells of the healing subschool he suffers a -5 penalty to caster level (this supersedes the soul bond penalty). These bonuses and penalties apply even when the character is not holding the Darkwood Heart.

Activated Powers

Access to the activated powers of the Darkwood Heart must be earned through the bonding process. All activated powers have a caster level of 25.
Dryad's Tears: As a standard action, the wielder of the Darkwood Heart can wilt all plant life that comes near it. When Kashyra is upset, she can extend this effect at will. This is identical to the prune growth effect of diminish plants, except that instead of appearing neat and well-trimmed, the affected plants are wilted and dying.
Bearer of Blight: While upset, the Darkwood Heart possesses the ability to use the following abilities: blight (15d6, DC 20), contagion (DC 21), poison (DC 19), sleet storm. With the exception of sleet storm, these require the wilder of the Staff to either make a successful melee attack or a melee touch attack with he Staff (in which case, the spell effect is the only effect that occurs). However, use of these abilities is entirely under Kashyra's control; she decides when to trigger an effect and which to use. This cannot be controlled, prevented or compelled by the wielder.
While Kashyra is in control of these powers, her ability to manifest them is based on the strength of her bonded companion. If her companion is at last 3rd level, she can use one of these abilities once per day. Once her companion reaches 9th level, she can use any combination of these powers a total of 3 times per day. At 15th level, she can use these powers 5 times per day.
Stormcalling I: While holding the Darkwood Heart, the bonded companioncan use the Staff to cast the following spells: 1/week – control wind (DC 19), call lighting storm (5d6, DC 19, 25 minute duration or 15 bolts); 3/day – call lighting (3d6, DC 17, 25 minute duration or 15 bolts). Using one of these spells is a spell trigger action on the part of the wielder. If Kashyra wants to prevent the effect, the staffbearer must engage in a personality conflict.
Dryad's Charms: At her core, Kashyra is still a dryad, and possesses the dryads ability to charm others. However, her disdain for life is so strong that she can rarely be convinced to use these powers. Before she will use these abilities, she must have been calm for at least two concecutive days, and even then she must be forced with a successful personality conflict. Provided these conditions are met, she may use the following powers: 3/day – charm person (DC 15), deep slumber (DC 17).
Stormcalling II: The character can us the Staff to cast the following spells: 1/week – control weather; 1/day – control wind (DC 21), call lighting storm (5d6, DC 21, 25 minute duration or 15 bolt); 5/day – call lighting (3d6, DC 19, 25 minute duration or 15 bolts). This supersedes the casting ability provided by Stormcalling I.
Stormcalling III: The character can us the Staff to cast the following spells: 1/day – control weather; 2/day – control wind (DC 23), call lighting storm (5d6, DC 23, 25 minute duration or 15 bolt); 7/day – call lighting (3d6, DC 19, 25 minute duration or 15 bolts). This supersedes the casting ability provided by Stormcalling I and Stormcalling II.


The Darkwood Heart is filled with despair. In her calmer moods, Kashyra is filled with pessimism, believing she is doomed to eternal torment. When she is upset she seeks solace by lashing out at others, death and destruction being the only things that soothe her wounded soul. Just touching the Darkwood Heart is sufficient to fill a character with a sense of sorrow. Bonding with Kashyra is a difficult act that places a tremendous strain on the bearer. The penalties for Soul Bond and Dark Bond are described above; an additional penalty occurs as the character grows closer to the Staff.
Inner Turmoil: As Kashyra's despair and hatred of life sink into the bearer's soul, it become increasingly difficult for him to relate to others. At 3rd level he suffers a -1 circumstance penalty to Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Heal, Sense Motive or Wild Empathy checks. This penalty increases to -3 at 9th level and to -5 at 15th level. The effect occurs regardless of whether the bearer is holding the Staff. However, when Kashyra is calm the penalty is reduced by two (minimum 1).

While Inner turmoil affects the bearer of the Staff, other forms of misfortune can target those around him, the nature of which will remain hidden for the moment.

The Darkwood Heart by WebseerWebseer, 23 Sep 2011 13:11
Yu Lords
WebseerWebseer 01 Feb 2010 02:33
in discussion Misc / OOC » Yu Lords

I had hoped to get a more exhaustive biography done before now, and I might before Tuesday, but until that time, he's the short notes.

Hogasha Kaji
You know this man :)

Hogasha Fumiki (f)
Fumiki is a brutal, course warrior who forces every ounce of effort from her peasants and soldiers. She is an accomplished athlete and warrior, as well as an adherent of impeccable hospitality. Made bald and heavily scared by the acidic slime of a vicious Oni, it is rumored she has turned to Sochu to ease the constant pain of her burns.

Hogasha Rosanjin
A withdrawn and even sinister man, Rosanjin is frankly a vain, competitive and boastful young man. He is, however a forthright and daring strategist. Poorly healed scars on his neck and throat render his voice husky and robs it of its force, a distinct disadvantage on the battlefield.

Hidoi Ryoma
A ruthless man in his seventies and house head of the Hidoi. Ryoma blends a love of course comedy with a dedication to transcendent mediation in a wholly unique fashion. A Shugenja totally dedicated to the destruction of the Shadow, he has sacrificed friends, family and vassals to that end. Covered with mystic tattoos as a mark of his many spirit-pacts, his bald head and pencil-thin mustache strike an imposing figure in such an old man.

Hidoi Utako (f)
Hidoi Utako is a strange woman. A Shugenja distracted by odd theories about the nature of the Shadow, she is also erratic in her dealing with others. Basically cloistered, she has transferred day-to-day bureaucracy to her son and Imperial ministry, while the policies enacted remain hers. A woman used to getting her own way, she is still an honourable, dedicated, and faithful lord. Sickly since birth, she rarely travels, but her connection with the Kami is strong.

Hidoi Umeka (f)
Umeka is a reclusive woman, more concerned with her researches than politics. Little is known about her.

Hidoi Gempachi
A stern warrior, Gempachi is a short-tempered bully. He is possessed, however, of a sharp and analytical mind, making him a fierce strategist. A powerful Oni crippled him in body, withering his right arm and reducing his stamina, but his mind is just as sharp.

Hidoi Chinatsu (f)
Chinatsu is another strange figure in a family of strange figures. Brilliant but unorthodox, she has flouted the law more than once and only just avoided stern censure by virtue of her position and the love of her troops. Possessed of unique views and opinions on honour and religion, she holds strong to her own code. As part of that code, she wares her hair long, down to her ankles.

Shitashii Jun
Jun, leader of the Shitashii, is a relentless man, a warrior focused obsessively on the destruction of the Shadow. Horribly scared, his face a lattice of gashes and burns, Jun looks a wreck, but his prowess is undimmed.

Shitashii Ryoichi
Ryoichi is a powerful Shugenja, the most powerful in the kingdom. This power has made him vain and self important, but also daring, willing to use his magics in new and dangerous ways. His many spiritual connections influence his behavior, weighing him down with quirks and taboos.

Shitashii Euiko (f)
A good officer and a spectacular cavalryman, Euiko's grassy province provides the bulk of the cavalry for the kingdoms forces. Thin and fond of a drink, Euiko remains a steadfast military man.

Shitashii Chikuma (f)
Chikuma is a skilled blade-smith, one of the best in the Empire. A brave woman, and one that has fostered apprentices an the spread of her art, she is, however, plagued by paranoia and a tendency to brag.

Shitashii Denbe
A cunning and ruthless man, Denbe is intellectual for a Yu warrior, his prowess is undeniable. Favouring steady tactics and grinding assaults, his tactics are uninspired, he conducts himself with a humour that endears him to his inner circle. Unknown injuries robbed him of his voice, but magic replaced it, giving him an otherworldly air.

Shitashii Gemmei (f)
A dangerous woman, Gemmei is a skilled fighter that brooks no insult and cares little for the norms of society. Bedecked in charms and other trinkets, she wares her hair bald like a monk and follows numerous obscure rituals. Her province is a wild place, known to house bandits and other dangers.

Shukan Genichi
A stringently honest and honourable man, Genichi is leader of the Shukan family. As befits his families tradition, much of his youth was spent at sea. Inclined to brag, his glorious career was cut short by a falling mast. To this day his broken back still troubles him, he walks with a distinct hunch and two walking sticks, but for all that he is still the greatest navel strategist the Yu have produced in a hundred years.

Shukan Ryo
A powerful and scrupulously proper Shugenja, Ryo is also a priest, tending to the dead. Hair stained blur-green by his relationship with the sea, he spends much of his time brooding and researching magics of storm and wave.

Shukan Doi
Doi is a dilantte, a keeper of exotic fish and birds. Rendered vain by his fine looks, he also has a wide competitive streak and competes
empire wide in athletics and games of strategy.

Shukan Gennai
A man of great spite, Gennai is also a superb sailor and captain. Long association with the sea has left him possessed of numerous superstitions, but he is unhindered but such quirks. Tall and imposing, he is one of the best captains the Yu can boast.

Shukan Kosho
Kosho oversees one of the busiest shipyards in the empire and is obsessive about the design and performance of naval vessels. A difficult man to be around, prone to violence and legendary for holding a grudge. Judgmental and arrogant, he is, like most geniuses, the strongest judge of his own work. Tall like his cousin Gennai, Kosho is rakish where Gennai is broad.

Shukan Dayu
A quiet spoken, introspective man, Dayu is not a sailor. He guards his people on the wall, rather than aboard ship, but brooks no talk of being 'landbound'. Steadfast and relentless, his scouts and patrols are among the best on the wall. He wares his hair long in the Makoto style, in honour of his late grandmother, a Makoto of high station.

(For the purposes of existing characters Hidoi=Kuni, Shitashi=Hiruma, Shukan=Kaiu, Hogasha=Hida)

Yu Lords by WebseerWebseer, 01 Feb 2010 02:33
Re: Third Art Post
AimzAimz 28 Jan 2010 23:39
in discussion Misc / OOC » Third Art Post

Okay, silly comic is silly… but I will get around to a serious art battol reply as soon as I'm back in Melbourne.

Re: Third Art Post by AimzAimz, 28 Jan 2010 23:39
Re: Third Art Post
AimzAimz 28 Jan 2010 23:38
in discussion Misc / OOC » Third Art Post


Re: Third Art Post by AimzAimz, 28 Jan 2010 23:38

I just thought it was a bit girly, but that's too much. Consider it changed to Eizo.

I will at this point note that his name literally translates to:

Proper Girl.

Care to revise? I'm not sure I want to live in a kingdom with such a king. I mean, I know some of the families have a matriachal theme, but I think this is a bit much.

As an aside, the storm started Day 1, Week 2, Spring 2. There would be a better system than that, though.

As for the army how about

Army of Restoring Purity?
Glorious Harmony Restoring Army?
Army of Kami's Grace?
Heavenly Devil Smiting Army?

I mean, such names aren't too far out of the realms of possibility, and may even be conservative.

As for the Jin king, his name is Yoshimaru Eiko, and yes, I know it's a girly name :)

To Yoritomo Kingguy (Eizo? Eido? Something like that. I'm sure his name was on the wiki, but I cannot find it)

I am writting you this letter to apologise for my failure to obey your latest order, that to return home immediently on a matter of grave importance. I regret that on that very evening, I was struck down and killed by the very force mentioned in the attached Imperial Edict. I regret that I may be away from my duties to you for some time, but you'll find the Emperor is well within his rights to reassign me to a different one of his offices. My title of Imperial Protector is only until the current crisis is ended, as is my posting as Fu-hsin(Chief of Staff) to the Army of Triumphant Reclaimation(Or similar fancy pants name, this one does kinda suck), I have no intension of using this as a means to escape my obligations to the island of Wuhai and hope that those left in charge there will continue the tasks I have left for them.

I do hope that you will consider the importance of what I have said in the edict, I pray that in your wisdom you know I am not the sort to claim such things needlessly, and that I am often well informed as to the nature of unexpected corruption from within the Empire. It is my devotion and connection with Jin that allows me so; I'm not sure if you are famliar with my family history, but I am certain now that the reason the fire would neither accept, nor burn me was I was meant for another. I fear that our religion has been sidetracked by lesser Kami and focus has been taken away from our true savior, but that is a discussion for another time.

I know that our military is not perfectly catered for this task, but do not be dissuaded. The firepower of a Jin fleet sailing up the Iwamizawa river will be both a boost to allied morale and a sight the enemy cannot ignore. Securing the river also has the advantage of a fast, secure supply line, and none can do it better. His Imperial Majesty, the Son of Heaven, would be most appriciative of your support. I pray for a swift conclusion of this conflict so we can turn matters to repairing the damage these last fifty years have done to the Empire.

Usami Maiko

Hear me, loyal Sons and Daughters of the Empire, for I bring dire news.

For these past fifty years, a great and ancient Evil, one which we have all but forgotten, has stirred within the Imperial Capital. Slowly, it has gathered power, cultivated its influence and corrupted the minds of the weak and suggestable; the mad and the power hungry; those who would serve themselves before the Empire. The omens of its taint have been felt in this time, especially in recent years. Ill omens have plagued many a kingdom, and now some stand on the verge of disaster, yet the Imperial Capital does nothing for them?

And at last, on the day of (date), after the ill omen of a sudden and unnatural black storm covering the Imperial City, those fifty years of cultivation took fruit as the true emperor was forced to flee his own city for this most terrible plot, for even highly ranked members of the Imperial Court were not beyond the touch of this slow, festering wound hidden within our most sacred city.

With the Emperor forced to flee for his life, it falls upon us, his loyal Sons and Daughters, to reclaim the Imperial City in His name, and strike down this ancient malevolent power and right the wrong of these past years. For I speak not of the Shadow, of which we all know, but a power we have long since forgotten; that which drove us from our ancestral home two millenia ago. It has not forgotten us so quickly, and it will continue its work, but this time, it fears us. It fears what we can accomplish, Sons and Daughters of the Empire, when we are united. And it fears the knowedge, protection and power we gain from our Saving Kami, those which aided us against it long ago, whose names we have taken for our kingdoms in their honour. It fears a united Empire; and it is for that reason that it works from within the Empire to defeat us.

Do not allow it this victory. We must band together, around the True Emperor, and seek the aid of the Saving Kami. We must rise up against this evil, and cleanse the Imperial Captial of its corruption. With faith as our shield, and justice as our sword, we will prevail. Rise us, Brother and Sisters, and do what is Right and Just for your land and may the saving Kami be with us.

-Usami Maiko
Imperial Protector and Disciple of the Kami 'Jin'

Re: Random Factoids
Shadow of LightShadow of Light 11 Jan 2010 23:02
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Or that he'll be eaten by Belshazzar :p

Re: Random Factoids by Shadow of LightShadow of Light, 11 Jan 2010 23:02
Random Factoids
WebseerWebseer 10 Jan 2010 06:09
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Wandering through my English/Japanese dictionary, it turns out that Kaji means either, depending on how it is spelled

1 Rudder, helm, wheel
2 Housework
3 Fire, conflagration

Which means either his reign will be awesome, boring or interesting…

Random Factoids by WebseerWebseer, 10 Jan 2010 06:09
Random Factoid
WebseerWebseer 10 Jan 2010 06:07
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Wandering through my English/Jappanese dictionary, it turns out that Kaji means either, depending on how it is spelled

1 Rudder, helm, wheel
2 Housework
3 Fire, conflagration

Which means either his reign will be awesome, boring or interesting…

Random Factoid by WebseerWebseer, 10 Jan 2010 06:07
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Shadow of LightShadow of Light 29 Dec 2009 12:19
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Re: Third Art Post by Shadow of LightShadow of Light, 29 Dec 2009 12:19
Re: PC Themesongs
Shadow of LightShadow of Light 29 Dec 2009 12:10
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This song pretty much fits the most recent events of the Tuesday Night session, different parts of it relating to all the characters involved I think.

Globus: Take Me Away -

Kneel in silence, alone
My spirit bears me
Pray for guidance, towards home
In darkest hours

Kneel (dream within dream we travel)
In silence (empires of faith unravel)
Alone (sealed with our virtues' treasures)
Kingdoms falling..
Down (who's hand commands this thunder?)
In silence (cry as we're torn asunder)
Alone (unto what gods do I call?)
Protect us in our..

Far away, my soul wandered
Borne by grace
I flew on high, sheltered from this thunder
Calling heaven..

Take me away from time and season
Far far away we'll sing with reason
Prepare a throne of stars above me
As the world once known will leave me

Take me away upon a plateau
Far far away from fears and shadow
Strengthen my heart in times of sorrow
Light the way to bright tomorrows

Answer our call in desperate hours
Shelter our fall from earthly powers
Temper our souls with flame and furnace
Bear us toward a noble purpose

Heaven hides nothing in its measure
Mortal men blinded by false treasure
Formless and vanquished we shall travel
Shield and sword will guide our battle

Take me away from time and season
Far far away we'll sing with reason
Prepare a throne of stars above me
As the world once known will leave me

Take me away upon a plateau
Far far away from fears and shadow
Strengthen my heart in times of sorrow
Light the way to bright tomorrows

Heaven hides nothing in its measure
Mortal men blinded by false treasure
Formless and vanquished we shall travel
Shield and faith will guide our battle

Salvation comes in desperate hours
Angels on high proclaim these powers
Lead us from chaos we shall follow
Bear us to a bright tomorrow

Re: PC Themesongs by Shadow of LightShadow of Light, 29 Dec 2009 12:10
Re: PC Themesongs
Shadow of LightShadow of Light 29 Dec 2009 12:06
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I should have made that the caption for my recent pic XD

Re: PC Themesongs by Shadow of LightShadow of Light, 29 Dec 2009 12:06
Re: Third Art Post
PironiousPironious 29 Dec 2009 12:05
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After I went to all the trouble of doing it myself?

Maiko is not amused!

Maiko can also notice the drop in picture quality.

Re: Third Art Post by PironiousPironious, 29 Dec 2009 12:05
Re: Third Art Post
Shadow of LightShadow of Light 29 Dec 2009 09:48
in discussion Misc / OOC » Third Art Post

Ok, here's my response. :)


BTW, if anyone wanted just their character as a jpg or gif etc, let me know as I can separate it easily from the rest of the picture! I can even change the background colour (ooooh!).

Re: Third Art Post by Shadow of LightShadow of Light, 29 Dec 2009 09:48
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