Garreth is the current ruler of Epiach, previously a southeastern state of Dimrost which has now declared its independence after a series of crippling wars. Though possibly the least battle-capable of the party, he is currently in possession of the most political power, and the most talent and position to gain more.

Character Quick Facts
Race Tiefling (Human, Epiach)
Weapon of choice Rapier/dagger dual wield
Religion The Three
Current Location Epiach
Role Politics & Assassination



Garreth knows nothing of his previous family, and as with many youngsters, was brought up on the streets to become a thief. His natural intelligence and agility made him a natural in this field, and he enjoyed quite a successful career in Epiach alongside an even more skilled mentor in the thieves guild.

This came crashing to a halt when he made the mistake of stealing from the wrong individual - the individual in question being the high mage and diabolist, Thyrul. Barely escaping with his life, seeing some nigh-sanity-breaking sights, and losing his mentor, Garreth swore off thievery for some time.

He soon found himself a new mentor, this time not in the arts of thievery but in entertainment - a traveling bard. Already having some small skill and knowledge in the field - after all, an actor is a prime distraction for pickpocketing - he took to this new work and traveled far and wide. The bard introduced him to many new wonders, skills, and talents which would have considerably improved his talent for thievery, but the Bard also introduced him to religion - Specifically that of Elona of The Three, a god who taught that you should always try to bring joy and caring to others. Although skeptical at first, Garreth eventually took to these teachings - since indeed, it was only through these teachings that the bard had taken him on in the first place.

Eventually splitting off from his Mentor to return to his hometown, the reformed bard plied his talents around the state of Epiach, until by chance divine intervention he came into contact with Typhenon, Drog, Mya and Kukulkin, on a quest to liberate a temple dedicated to Onagal, the god of pestilence and death.

Since then Garreth has been swept along with the group's work, using his contacts, talents and diplomacy to assist his allies in times of trouble.

Physical Description

Standing at 5'10" - quite tall amongst the rather diminuitive peoples of Dimrost and Silverstars - Garreth is thin and lithe, with black hair sitting just past shoulder length. Previously this was permitted to grow wild and thick, but with his current position it is more carefully cut and groomed to suit his station, though it still falls slightly past his shoulders with a slight curl.

Garreth's heritage is not entirely human, with a demonic ancestor lurking in his ancestry. This grants him several slightly inhuman features, most notably his eyes, red and snakelike, slightly disconcerting in their appearance in an otherwise mostly human face. He has a row of small horns along his scalp, which were previously kept carefully hidden by his mane of hair; Now they integrate with his crown, effectively hiding them in plain sight.

These are the only clearly visible and obvious signs, though others can be noted by the observant. Garreth has no facial hair, nor can he grow it; his facial features have a slight snake-like cast to them, giving him a slightly exotic look even discounting the eyes; his movements are slightly too fast here, too slow here, sinuous and smooth; his hands are slightly too long, as is his tongue, and his teeth very slightly fanged, his fingernails very slightly resembling claws - neither nearly enough to actually give him a combat advantage, nor often even consciously noticable at a glance, but the overall effect is to often slightly discourage anyone talking to him for any length of time. He has learnt to minimise these effects when necessary, but eliminating them altogether is impossible.

He tends to wear impressive but practical clothing in his current station, his clothing a deep red in shade, well-made and fitted. Every inch of skin below his neck is covered, including fine gloves (ordered and fitted perfectly, seemingly having no detractment to his manual dexterity) and exceptionally intricately made long boots, which have a supernaturally quiet tread. Across his shoulders he wears a black cloak with the crest of Epiach emblazoned large and bright across the back, displaying his pride in his city.


Although originally a strong follower of Elona, Garreth's affinity for the shadows drew the attention of Feloqui, who bestowed upon him the honour and responsibility of The Left Hand of Feloqui, the assassin of the Three. However, this position does not sit easily on his shoulders - he does not feel it suits him, though he makes little mention of the fact, not liking to doubt the wisdom of the gods. He has never successfully assassinated anyone - his one actual attempt resulted in half the party being trapped far beneath the earth, and then visiting a hell.

Garreth justifies his position by suggesting that even for one trained as an assassin, resorting to an attempted kill should be the very last step - there are far more useful methods for one so trained to take into account before such a strike.

Now as the ruler of a city, Garreth finds himself taking more interest in the teachings of Caalix, seeking to protect those under him. Drawing his wisdom from all three, Garreth is a balanced worshipper of The Three.


A rapier sanctified to strike against undead foes, Veilpiercer is Garreth's primary weapon. The weapon appears to be of bone bleached white, and its length is decorated with gold embellishments of bones. The handguard resembles a skull, with crossed axes - the symbol of Feloqui - engraved on the forehead. Despite its rather grisly appearance, the weapon is not unnerving.
The Left Hand
An artifact of Feloqui's power, the Left hand is a short blade carved in the shape and likeness of a hand. This strange weapon unleashes holy power on anyone it strikes, but its true power lies in its power over those who are not in their rightful plane - any such creatures it cuts are banished back to their home. This is not Garreth's weapon by right; he carries it only in the most needful of situations.
The Shadow's sting
A blade designed to cripple opponents who do not expect its strike, this short blade is a flat black, reflecting no light, and sharpened to a deadly point. Enchanted to find weak points in an enemy's armour, its blows can be deadly.
Aegis of Lords
- Armour of mithril, of ancient elven make, glamoured into lordly robes when not in use. It is naturally a brilliant white etched with gold, but Garreth rarely shows its true form, as he does not wish to make his alliegance to The Three widely known by wearing their colours.
Caesar's Wreath
- This circlet gives the wearer considerable political acuity. It appears to be a simple gold circlet with a single diamond at the forehead and small black spires around the edge; further examination shows that the spikes are actually Garreth's own horns, fitting into the circlet perfectly.

Bow of Songs - A shortbow which can guide its arrows with song.
Shadow's tread and Shadow's Cowl - Boots and cloak of elven make which allow the wearer to hide and sneak with ease.

Allies and Relations

Garreth is currently going through a rather rough patch with many of his companions, and it would be folly to not connect this to his becoming Caesar. Garreth very frequently has very clear ideas of what to do next and how to go about it, and for a time he did not hesitate to apply these opinions to his allies - who often had no intention of being ordered around by him.

The pressure of his current position as ruler of a half-destroyed realm threatened by enemies without and within often leads him to concentrate more on his allies' usefulness and capacity to improve Epiach's situation than they would like, which is giving him a somewhat icy and slightly emotionless lookout as he begins to see those around him as assets as much as people - although his capacity to conceal this from all but the most talented diplomats, or those who know him best, is considerable, he has travelled with his allies long enough that they can see the change in him.

Typhenon Blackhand - As Primarch of the the Three, and thus by extension the head of the Epiach temple, Typhenon is Garreth's superior in the church. Garreth empathises with Typhenon a great deal, as their histories are disturbingly similar, and while they have come out of their experiences as two very different people, they still have a lot in common, including being two of the few capable of justifying worship of The Three seperately and together, drawing strength from each instead of following one, or all as an abstract pantheon. However, the current pressures of their respective position gives them little time to discuss matters not directly related to such, and at present they are supporting each other - Typhenon supporting and advising on matters of faith, and Garreth providing political and emotional advice.

Drog - The Orc leader is a source of considerable frustration for Garreth. The two of them have starkly differing values and opinions on many matters, and find it very difficult to see eye to eye. This has not grown nearly far enough that they would actively work against each other, but for the moment it is likely very good for production's sake that their current efforts require them to be many miles apart and out of contact. Garreth tends to feel that the orc warlord at best ignores his advice and orders, far more intent on going his own way and his own projects regardless of how he might benefit from Garreth's plans.

Mya - The relationship between Mya and Garreth could charitably be described as cordial. Having entered a brief relationship in which both parties somewhat misjudged the other's intentions and personalities, the final result was Mya inpregnated and lured to Lanshaw's hell briefly. Garreth is concerned for her, and looks to support her where possible, but is fully aware that any form of friendship between the two is unlikely given their history. He does intend to take advantage of her ability as a quite capable sorceress, however, and is heavily considering more closely befriending her so that they might work together more efficiently when it comes time to dethrone her sister, Ariyadni, the Empress of Dimrost.

Kukulkan - Garreth gets along surprisingly well with Kukulkan, despite their rather dramatically different views of the world, as both of them have considerable respect for the other's skills and the practicality to trust each other and use them for mutual benefit. Their relationship could probably more easily be described as a working partnership than a close friendship, but it is still one that functions well, and Garreth probably has the best relationship with Kukulkan out of the group.

Hida Sang - Garreth sees Sang as both a very talented warrior and an ally, but this has become more than slightly strained recently as Sang has been married to the Daimyo of the Crab Clan, effectively placing her into a position of considerable political and military power, more so than Garreth himself. The realisation that her loyalty is far stronger to the Crab than to the party and cause came as an unpleasant shock to him, and helped him realise just how little he knows about the Silverstars. This makes him wary about her, unsure of how this new power will make her see him. He wants nothing more than a friendly relationship with the Crab, and would prefer to have a potential ally like Sang than an unknown factor, but his knowledge of the Silverstars lands is too low to predict what will happen, which concerns him considerably.

Isadora - Garreth trusts Isadora's faith and talent, if not entirely her judgement. He knows that she's a better diplomat even than himself, and his position in the courts of their strongest potential ally could not have been chosen better - although part of him hates her being so far away, out of his protection and advice. Part of him sees her as a youth mirroring himself in some ways, who he wants to help grow and protect, but another part knows she's not really as innocent as she might appear…

Laneiyah - A Satyxis diplomat, Laneiyah's clan are one of two who have arrived to take advantage of the open invitation to Epiach and its surrounds. Determined to improve the lot of her people in this new land, she has set to work under Garreth, attempting to improve the stability of Epiach, using her near-supernatural capacity for diplomacy and politics.

Lord Castellan Arcamentes - A human general of Teifi, Archimentes now serves as Warmaster for Epiach. Though age and old wounds prevent him from taking a true stand on the battlefield, his experience and knowledge serves the city well.


Not known for taking the front line in combat, Garreth has talent for assassination but little experience. He sees himself as an advisor in many aspects, but does not hold back from leading combat if he feels it will serve those with him.


Garreth's position as ruler of Epiach is tentative. Having eliminated possibly the worst direct problems that plague the city's power from within, he must still work hard to hold together no less than three races, two of whom have been enemies for generations and the third demonic in appearance and unpredictable in nature. Knowing that he lacks support from both the noble classes due to his rather unorthodox appreciation of the peasant classes, and the peasant classes for the recent troubles, and from all of them due to his own background, the nature of his ascension, and the presence of the orcs and satyxis, Garreth works day and night to ensure that his people will know him as a saviour rather than a usurper.

Unfortunately the wars recently past and soon to come have put a harsh cap on Epiach's festivities and productivity alike. With enemies of devastating power on many sides, very little history or power to build on, and little to offer for alliances, he must rely on the tenuous friendships and alliances the group has established if they are to hope to survive. Desiring considerably more stability than this, Garreth has begun to explore further and possibly more extreme options, though what he might discover has yet to be found. He has the power to command minions, at least, and has organised for a group of adventurers to head to the Sunken Tower to finish what he and his friends started.

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