The Gempukku is a tradition amongst Silverstari nobles. It is a rite of passage, where a young noble completes some sort of test in order to prove that they have come of age. The exact details are always left up to the youth's teacher or mentor, though there are common types of test which vary between clans. Among the Crab, almost all samurai are given the task of going into the shadowlands and killing an oni. Among the Phoenix clan, a common task may be the successful completion of a particularly complex incantation. Among the Crane clan, especially the Kakita family, a youth may be asked to complete a suitably beautiful piece of artwork.

The youth is only asked to perform the gempukku once the master is convinced that the student knows and upholds the principles of the bushido. Once the gempukku is completed to the master's satisfaction, the person is accepted an adult and a noble of Silverstari society, and so long as they continue to uphold the principles of the bushido, then they will continue to be considered a samurai.

Historical Genpuku (OOC)

To mark the entry to adult life of boys between the ages of 12 and 16, girls aged between 12 and 14, they were taken to the shrines of their patron kami. There they were presented with their first adult clothes, and their hairstyles were changed to the adult style. They were also given new adult names.

In Heian times, the ceremony was restricted to the sons of noble and samurai families. During the Muromachi era, it gradually spread to include men of lower ranks.

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