Codename "Hawke" is a member of the Caudalan rebals who specialises in ambushing their enemies. He is a quiet warrior who does as he's told as long as the orders make sense to him.

Character Quick Facts
Race Human
Weapon of choice Longbow
Religion Feloqui
Current Location Aeternan
Role Recon, Ambushes, Hunting, and the last line of defence between Ursula and Aeternans



Varporus “Hawke” Alacross was a solider. Growing up in a poor family, his job opportunities were always limited, and with a strong arm even at a young age, his parents thought it best for him to be sent away to training for military service.

Varporus quickly demonstrated his prowess with a bow, indeed he seemed amazingly accurate, to the point where people began to say he had the eyes of a hawk. Indeed, his golden eyes do stand out strongly, and his glare shook at the very bones of anyone directed at it.

Apart from the bow, he was also trained in hand to hand combat with a wide variety of weapons and before long he was top of his class. Or he would have been, were it not for the frequent disciplinary problems that seemed to surround him. For all his combat ability, Varporus was a lousy soldier, who all too often defied orders he deemed unimportant and acted on instinct without considering his actions or their repercussions. On top of this, he also had an annoying habit of getting through things exceptionally well, despite lack of planning or even rational thought.

Eventually, Hawke graduated and was assigned to somewhere in which his recklessness would not put others at great risk, the 26th ranger division. Members of the 26th were more often than not solo on their missions, generally used for scouting, reconnaissance and light patrols. He learned how to live off the land, and how to travel through thick forests without leaving a trail, and excelled at ambushing who be bandits and the like.

Then, war was declared.

The 26th ranger division was given orders, infiltrate behind enemy lines and ambush Aeternan supply columns. Unfortunately, it didn’t go so well, after the first few supply columns, they began to be heavily guarded, and it became increasingly costly to strike at these convoys. They would successfully knock out one wagon and lose 20 men in the process, morale dropped like a stone, and people began to desert. Hawke was one of the first to leave.

It wasn’t long before the war was over, the endless streams of Aeternan troops poured into Caudala and soon it was announced Caudala would join the empire. During this time, Hawke and a group of like minded people had a camp, deep in one of the forests formally under the protection of the 26th rangers. He had become the bandits he had once captured, but always was he careful in his choice of target. He knew that from time to time, people would wound up lost in his forest, be it fleeing from the government as he had or for some other reason, and he saw that they were fed, sheltered, and otherwise aided as best as he could.

Physical description

At 5'1", Hawke is a man of small stature yet of solid strength. He is rather unremarkable looking, a useful trait for blending into crowds with the exception of his golden eyes, resembling those of a bird of prey, hence his choice of codename.


Shikra - Hawke's longbow. A large and strong bow that many others have difficulty drawing specifically weighted for its user. The bow's grip has a place where Hawke attaches a small dagger, so that if someone actually reaches him he can use his bow as a melee weapon.


Ursula - Hawke's relationship with Ursula has taken on a few complicated twists as of late, as Hawke finds himself almost dragooned into her religion. Still, when the gods choose you, its hard to say no, or something to that respect. All he knows is somewhere within him there is a great power laying dormant, waiting for him to call it out.

As Hawke became more involved in this new religion, it has become necessary for the pair to pretend to be in a relationship, which initially caught Hawke off-guard. I mean, she's not a bad women or anything, but she's just not… not like the ones back home. Regardless, Hawke has taken on himself to act as her guardian, due to the growing fear of the Aeternans of the group striking out at her.

Aussir Vyth - The brief fight between Hawke and the Dragonkin has been all but forgotten, as Hawke calmed down and Aussir began trying to treat humans as she would her own. Aussir has even begun a project to befriend Puck, and although the she-wolf is still wary around the Dragonkin, it no longer automatically moves to defend Hawke from her.

Ivatis Burja - The relationship between these two tends to be a level of professional respect, and not much more, in Hawke's mind. While Ivatis is fast and well versed in the wilds, both traits Hawke can respect, Ursula still believe he may try to kill her. Still, while the journey has had some noticeable effects on Ivatis, Hawke believes it most likely that should Ivatis come for her, there won't be anything subtle about it.

Sir Broden - Hawke is unsure what became of him, but fears it is a fate worse than death. Still, there was some talk that whatever that thing was may strike back at us in vengeance, in that lies a chance to save him, or at the very least ensure his soul is freed.

Keaira - Hawke is confused by this strange winged girl. Who is she? Why is she here? Is she truely a friend or is she just traveling with us for convenience? Her magical gifts have proven useful from time to time, but Hawke is still unsure whether or not she can be trusted.

Aventaris - Aeternan priest, has the armour of a soldier, there are so many things Hawke dislikes about this one. He may appear friendly, but after Ursula's warnings, Hawke fears he may be trying to turn everyone against her. Hawke can only hope that Aussir remains herself despite his influence, for those times when Hawke cannot be between Aventaris and Ursula.

Current State

Outlawed, what else is new.

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