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Hedoramod is a cranky, cranky angel. He doesn't seem to care for much at all, except Typhenon and war with the demonic hordes. Still, he's a Malakim - that he cares for Typhenon says enough.

Character Quick Facts
Race Malakim (Celestial)
Weapon of choice Giant flaming axe
Religion Feloqui
Role Bringing the Pain

"We march, to bring war to the forces of Evil, so that those that remain behind may survive and prosper in peace."- Theosteris, quoting an ancient general of Feloqui
"Hold, mortal. I do not tell you how to eat, or sleep, or defecate. Do not presume to tell ME how to war with Evil." - Hedoramod.


Hedoramod was summoned by Typhenon to assist in the devastation of the Sunken Temple. Demons will have no hold on our land any longer.

Physical description

An image of utterly perfect beauty - in fact, too perfect, to the point where it is clear that he is no human, but an artificial being. Wearing full plate armour in white and gold, with the crossed axes of Feloqui emblazoned in blue fire. He wields an axe of crystal and flame.


Typhenon - respect and obedience to the Primarch.
Everyone else - Cranky, cranky angel.

Current State

Cranky, but going to war, so directed cranky.

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