Hiruma Desimono

While he lived, a warrior of the Yu Kingdom and close friend of Hida Sang.

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Character Quick Facts
Race Human, Silverstari
Weapon of choice Tetsubo
Religion Traditional
Current Status Deceased
Role Bushi


A warrior of the Wall all his life, Hiruma Desimono became acquainted with Kuni Sang and Hida Hinami when all three were fresh from their gempukku. They established a strong friendship within the Brotherhood they shared, and after a year or so Desimono recognised that Hinami and Sang had deeper feelings for each other than just camaraderie. Before the subject of marriage was brought up, however, Hinami contracted a strong infection of Taint during a Shadowlands raid. He chose to live on and survive the disease, and with the support of his friends and family he struggled through five months of physical mutations and mental afflictions before his strength failed him and his heart stopped.

Desimono and Sang turned to each other at the death of their friend, and the mutual loss brought them closer together. Almost another year had passed before the two acknowledged they were in love, but with that realisation the Shadow struck again. Desimono was wounded and Tainted even as Hinami had been, and instead of choosing to fight the disease he decided on the ritual of seppuku and took his own life.

There were mutterings of cowardice for his choice to die, which his family, Sang and Desimono's other friends challenged hotly. Those who knew the warrior best believed that Desimono had chosen death not because he feared to face the same agonising trials as Hida Hinami and other Yu had done in the past, but to spare Kuni Sang from having to live through watching another man she loved share that fate.

Current State


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