Hogasha Hinami

While he lived, a warrior of the Kingdom of Yu and close friend of Kuni Sang.

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Character Quick Facts
Race Human, Silverstari
Weapon of choice Tetsubo
Religion Traditional
Current Status Deceased
Role Bushi


A warrior of the Wall all his life, Hida Hinami became acquainted with Kuni Sang and Hiruma Desimono when all three were fresh from their gempukku. They established a strong friendship within the Brotherhood they shared, and after a year or so Hinami and Sang realised their feelings went deeper than camaraderie. Before the subject of marriage was brought up, however, Hinami contracted a strong infection of Taint during a Shadowlands raid. He chose to live on and survive the disease, and with the support of his friends and family he struggled through five months of physical mutations and mental afflictions before his strength failed him and his heart stopped.

Current State


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