Hogasha Sang

A Bushi of the Hogasha family of the Kingdom of Yu. Formerly of the Kuni family, Sang married the then-heir to the King of the Yu, Hogasha Kaji.

Character Quick Facts
Race Human, Silverstari (Kingdom of Yu, Hogasha family)
Weapon of choice Lord Yu's Blade
Religion Lord Yu, Spirit of Courage
Current Location Tokai
Role Bushi



Twenty-five years of age and standing around 5'3" tall, Sang has dark brown eyes, strong features and floor-length black hair (always tied back if she's under arms). As a Yu and a bushi she's got a lot of muscle on her body, but it's not that easily seen when she's covered head-to-foot in armour. Then again, anyone wearing that much armour is no 'delicate lotus blossom'. Despite her obvious strength though, she's not overly large or bulky.

Sang has three parallel, almost vertical marks on the left side of her face, caused by a Shadowlands beast which literally tried to bite her head off (fortunately, her helmet prevented worse damage). The scars begin narrow above the jaw, but become wider as they extend across the cheekbone, and end about half an inch below the left eye. The other scar of note was received on her gempukku: a katana slash which runs along the left brow close to the hairline. There are many other scars that unsually go unseen beneath her clothing and armour, some received in battle, others inflicted by torture.



The daughter of Satake and Akiko, two Yu bushi of Tosa, it’s rather unsurprising that Sang would grow up to follow in the footsteps of her parents. One and a half years younger than her brother Miura, Sang idolised him as a child and watched him train under his sensei Kuni Tomosu (their father’s old sensei) until she herself was old enough to begin her own lessons with Hida Yoshitsune (their mother’s old sensei). Their parents didn’t want the two training with the same sensei lest they become rivals, but they were unaware that there was a rivalry between the two teachers.

The theory was sound, though, and Miura and Sang often sparred with each other when released from their daily classes—Sang was always eager to learn more advanced techniques from her big brother, and Miura was ever indulgent. This is not to say the two siblings never quarreled. Being Yu to the bone, they had more than one spat which escalated to physical violence.


As the elder, Miura was the first to embark upon his gempukku. He entered the Shadowlands with two companions and none returned. After sufficient time had passed, sensei Tomosu informed Miura’s parents of the situation. When Sang learned of her parents’ plans to petition permission to go into the Shadowlands after Miura, she demanded permission to accompany them. Unsure of Sang’s readiness to venture into the Shadowlands, even with their protection, Satake and Akiko consulted with sensei Yoshitsune. Taking this as an opportunity to show up Miura’s teacher, Yoshitsune declared that Sang was not only fit to enter the Shadowlands, but that she could take this as her gempukku: discover the fate of her brother, and either return with him alive or avenged.

While Satake and Akiko were not pleased at this proposition (they might have already lost one child by now…), Sang was quick to accept it and determined to succeed. She enlisted the aid of five samurai she knew through her parents, for both guidance and assisting in bringing her brother and his companions home once they found them. From Tomosu she got the name of the place Miura had been heading for: Turi-Sho, an abandoned outpost up the river.

Sang and her companions reached the ruined outpost without getting caught in any major conflicts, and found the half-eaten remains of Miura and his friends. Amidst the evidence of a struggle was the hilt of Miura’s tanto, lacking the sharpened jade that had served as a blade. The diminutive weapon had been more ornamental than martial, a token of protection against the Taint, and the fact that Miura had sought to use it rather than his other weapons was ominous. All three katana were missing.

After decapitating the corpses and burying the heads, the group followed a trail of black, steaming blood through the Waste and caught up with the flagging paces of a multi-limbed monstrosity, three of its four arms wielding the katana of those it had killed at Turi-Sho. In its chest, just below the ribcage, was the dripping wound in which Miura’s jade tanto had splintered off. Although weakened, and possibly not up to taking on six new opponents, the creature was still superior to Sang’s abilities on her own. Had Sang confronted it with a defensive stance, seeking to wear it down further through elapsed time, she might have killed it. But the death of Miura, the partial consumption of his body and the theft of his katana (by the standards of her people, his soul) filled her with more fury than sense.

The fight between the two ended when Sang chopped off one of the monster’s arms below the elbow with her nagamaki. Her brother’s katana was released, and the creature hurled the other two katana at her before trying to flee with its remaining limbs. Even though one of the projectile katana slashed her across the brow and the other speared straight through her right thigh, Sang would have tried to give chase but for the appearance of a group of oni. The monster made its escape deeper into the Waste while Sang and her five companions were forced to defend themselves. After a hard battle that left none of the Yu unscathed, Sang’s companions convinced her that her duty to return the katana of Miura and the fallen samurai to Tosa was more important than the honour of completing her gempukku to the letter.

Despite the fact that Miura’s killer had survived, the evidence of its severed arm, the testimony of Sang’s companions and the safe return of the three katana was enough to secure Sang’s status as a samurai and bushi. Personally, Sang will be more content when she feels she’s fully completed her gempukku and avenged her brother.


As a defender of the Great Wall, Sang also led frequent expeditions into the Shadowlands and was often the first to volunteer for such ventures. It was not uncommon knowledge that she still wanted to kill the creature that had killed her brother, and her Daimyo, Kuni Samariku, allowed her search to continue within reason. While Sang tended to push the boundaries as to how far into the Waste she could get away with exploring, she was known for being considerate, even protective, of those fighting beside her. She would rather risk her own life than that of a companion, and the lives of those companions were worth more than the heads of oni. Duty to others always took precedence to personal honour. In fact, Sang’s tendency to return to the Wall with the majority (if not the entirety) of her patrols still alive raised more than a few Yu eyebrows and provoked several insulting remarks that she must be afraid of conflict—insults that were promptly answered by Sang challenging the offenders to duels. The iaijutsu duels to first blood she either won, or her opponents ironically backed down from.

Sang took a considerable interest in capturing Shadowlands beasts and having them dragged to the Kuni holdings. For those that could speak, on the way back to the Wall she had plenty of time to attempt intimidating them into sharing any knowledge they might have of a certain monster with a jade-inflicted scar to the chest.

Sang never showed a desire for marriage or motherhood after her only two romantic interests, Hida Hinami and Hiruma Desimono, both contracted the Taint and died (one dying from the contraction, the other taking his own life) before the subject of marriage could be brought up. Her way of thinking has become that getting emotionally attached to someone while on the Wall will just end in heartache for one or both of the parties. Her parents seem to be one of the lucky exceptions to the rule—so far. Although Yu tend to have marriages arranged for them at the age of 22, this was not done for Sang. Her parents didn’t want to force her into anything while she was still grieving. Sang expects a marriage will be arranged for her sooner or later, and believes it will be better if there is no emotional attachment involved.

At 25, her daimyo sent her to find and assist a group of gaijin far from the Yu lands and the Empire itself. Sang did not appreciate leaving the Wall and was not told the reasons behind her daimyo’s orders, but obeyed. She suspected the reason she was selected for this duty was because the amount and lengths of time she has spent in the Shadowlands might be worrying some people, or that her personal quest to finish avenging her brother might be considered to be interfering with her other responsibilities. She hoped her obedience would allay such suspicions. It wasn't until several months later, after Kuni Samariku passed away, that she learned she had been sent away due to some obscure prophecy.


Sang was summoned back to Yu lands by the dying request of her daimyo, whose will it was that she marry Hogasha Kaji the youngest son of the Yu daimyo. Tragedy broke out at the end of the wedding ceremony when an assassin of Thyrul's killed the groom's father Hogasha Kuroda, and when war broke out mere days later and Kaji's elder brothers slain, Sang soon found herself married to the new daimyo. Although it was arranged, the marriage is not without love.

She is in the fourth month of her pregnancy with Kaji's twin children.


In the fourth month of her pregnancy Sang was brutally tortured, physically and mentally, by a demonic entity in the Imperial City of Nakashibetsu. The ordeal broke her several times over and left many scars. Only time will reveal how well she heals.


Until recently, Sang adhered to the traditional religious views of the Yu: the kami, the ancestral spirits, the Celestial Bureaucracy and the Jade Emperor. This was well and truly shattered when she found Lord Yu's Blade and saw a vision of the true faces of what her people revere as gods. On top of that, Lord Yu himself confirmed The Three were real. Sang has since met Typhenon's gods and believes they could ultimately lead the world to better times, although for a time she agonised a great deal about the blood that might have to be shed to reach their destination.

Almost two months after being chosen by Lord Yu, Sang finally came to the realisation that she was no longer the person she was before being sent from the Empire, and that the Empire itself was… wrong. If she, with the help of Lord Yu and the Three, can do anything to turn her homeland into what it was meant to be, then she must act.


On Hand

Ring of Featherfall
A thin metal band that slows a fall from a great height.
Ring of Protection/Shielding
An effective piece of armour for its size.
Sang's Nagamaki
More of a backup weapon than anything else. Before she received Akaruikage or Lord Yu's Blade, this was her weapon of choice against Tainted creatures. This was the wapon Sang used to sever one of the arms of the oni that killed her brother. It has occured to her that the rope daemon in Nakashibetsu has far too many arms.

At Tokai

Crab Bracelet
Originally given by R, but later revealed to be a gift from the Three. The small silver bracelet is too small for an adult's wrist and is decorated with a single silver circle bearing a jade crab in bas relief. Sang was informed she would know who to give it to when the time came. Kaji later explained that such bracelets were, long ago, traditional gifts given to expectant mothers for their future children. R intended for the charm to protect Sang's child(ren) from harm until the time came for him to suck out their souls and kill them, but is not aware that the Three intended for the charm to protect the child(ren) even against his magic.
Crab Necklace
A gift from the samurai lord on Wuhai where Sang found herself stranded on for a brief period of time. The necklace bears a golden crab with the claws gripping the chain.
Mantis Nagamaki
A gift from the daimyo of the Mantis lands and his wife, given to Sang as a visiting noble. While perfectly functional as a weapon, it's also a magnificent work of art.

At Nakashibetsu

A wedding gift from the kingdom of Epiach, presented by Typhenon. This katana has an obsidian blade, making it an ideal weapon against oni.
Strength-enhancing gloves, each decorated with a red jewel gifted by the Historian. Sang privately detests the gloves, as she dislikes the idea of her abilities being supplemented by magic.
Sturdy fur footwear, expertly made so she can keep her footing even on slippery ground.
Nakata Jin gave his departed wife's lacquered bracers to Sang as a wedding gift. They each bear a red gem gifted by the Historian.
A servicable dark cloak sewn with enchantments. A mantle of black feathers adorns the shoulders.
Crab Pendant
A gift from Typhenon as thanks for Sang’s contributions to the group. The pendant crab is silver with small purple stones for eyes, and its claws grip the chain. When opened it shows the symbol of the Three and some Silverstari characters that mean nothing unless one understands celestial. Typhenon said they say ‘Thank you’.
Sang is almost never seen without her katana and wakizashi. While the latter is never used in battle, the former is her weapon of choice when facing anything that isn't an oni. As the katana is considered the weapon of the soul, Sang shares the common Silverstari belief that to bare her katana before oni is to risk exposing her soul to Taint.
Great Armour
Heavy bushi yoroi, in the purple and white colours of the crab. Several curving metal claws protrude from the back of each shoulder—trophies from a brief excursion to a hell dimension and near-deadly encounter with one of its inhabitants.
Yu Hachimaki
A wedding gift from her late father-in-law Hida Kuroda. It's nothing more than a narrow strip of material bearing the Crab symbol.
Helm of the Wrathful Crab
A kabuto that assists in the ever-important process of striking fear into the hearts of Sang's enemies.
Isadora's Dagger
A wedding gift from Isadora.
In the colours of the crab (purple and white), Sang is only seen wearing this when she's not under arms.
Lord Yu's Blade
The guan dao Lord Yu himself once bore, which Sang recovered from the Temple of the Sword in the Shadowlands.
Lord Yu's Sashimono
The battle standard of Lord Yu, recovered by the Historian.
Pironious' Rope
Silk rope, a wedding gift from Pironious. It has proved useful on several occasions.


Currently in the Company of

Kukulkan - A close-mouthed lizard with a wide streak of independence. He can shapeshift and has been with Typhenon longer than Sang has. Kukulkan is not a follower of the Three as far as Sang can tell, but he seems to be fully dedicated to Typhenon's cause. Strangely enough, despite differences in opinion on certain topics (like honourable fights), Kukulkan's use of blood magic and the fact he is not human, ever since Ibnsaidora Sang has respected and trusted him more than any of her other companions. She has a great deal of admiration for his self-control, has never found reason to fault his courage, and appreciates his ability to state the facts when something needs to be said. His efforts to protect her children is something she will likely never forget, and she considers the murderer of his family (Smoking Mirror) to be as personal an enemy as if the liche had struck at her own blood. There's something she thinks she has to ask him which came to her in a dream.

Typhenon - The one her daimyo commanded her to assist (something to do with a prophecy on saving the world?). Typhenon is the chosen of the Three and Primarch of their religion - something she's recently sworn herself to, and hasn't told him about yet. For all his power, Typhenon does not lord it over his people and indeed prefers to forego adulation (which she admires about him). Sang's relationship with him is…complex. He has his strengths. He has his flaws. She's seen him break down, she's felt him stop her mind from snapping in the midst of battle. He has an irrational tendency to try and help those who don't deserve it, and give succor to enemies. Yet without him…where would she be now? Maybe dead. Maybe still fighting with her eyes blind to the rest of the world. Maybe happily married and untortured…

Usami Maiko - Once Captain of the Silver Serpent, now Lady of the island of Wuhai and Champion of Jin…and a Blessed Ancestor. Sang isn't really sure how to view Maiko. She's done good things, she's brave (if reckless), she helps people if they're in need… but she can be proud to the point of arrogance, thoughtless and very stubborn about doing things her way. It's almost funny how someone so agile in both body and mind is so graceless when it comes to tact. She understands Maiko's desire for recognition and personal glory considering her family, but can't help disdaining it as a vain, self-serving goal (Sang, by contrast, has lived most of her life in a self-sacrificing role). Sang respects Maiko's intelligence, however, and the fact that even though the Jin is smarter than she is, she's never been beaten over the head with that information. She also recognises that Maiko can be quite empathic, it's just that Sang isn't very good at showing appreciation for subtle compassion…Maiko has been a great support to Kaji recently, which he no doubt needs. She can't help worrying that Maiko will pay a price for delaying her return to mortality and fears her betrayal might play a part in that.

Lord Yu - Spirit of Courage and Saving God of the Yu. His appearance, when Sang found Lord Yu's Blade, completely changed Sang's understanding of her people. Truths were revealed, lies brought to light, and everything she had been brought up to believe was shattered to their very foundations. The revelation was bitter knowledge with dangerous ramifications to the Empire, so much so that for a time Sang was angry enough to wish she'd been left in ignorance. She lost her faith in all who would claim to be gods, or servants of them. Awareness that Yu was an angel of the Three, then interference from the Mother, made things worse. In the first month she nursed her distrust, not even trying to converse with the Spirit of Courage, but gradually things improved during their travels. Finally, halfway through the third month and not long after Yu spoke to Kaji, Sang made her decision to fully trust the Angel of Courage. (still to be edited.)

Spiritually in the Company of


Past Companions

Chuda Shinobu is an enigma. The girl, apparently a descendent of the Snake clan, was rescued by accident from Thyrul. It's not that Sang has any regrets about freeing Shinobu, just that she seemed to had failed in rescuing Nakata Jin as she had intended. Or… that's what she thought at first. Once Shinobu was shown to Jin's possessions back in the Crab lands, Jin's personality and memories returned to the fore. It's unknown how the two separate beings can share the body of a young girl…

Drog is an orc warlord fighting for the freedom of his kind. Sang was brought up in a culture that sees foreigners as barbarians and non-humans as monsters, so her relationship with Drog is a peculiar one. Several times she's had the inkling that orcs are not so different from Crab—if one ignored the green skin and protruding jaws. She has developed a grudging respect for them as warriors as well as sentient beings, but has a hard time wondering if it's entirely proper for her to see them as anything as monsters. Who is she to contradict hundreds of years of tradition?

Garreth is the current Caesar of Epiach. Sang's opinions of him are mixed, as she respects his gift for diplomacy and values the alliance between his lands and hers, even trusts him, his utilisation of cloak-and-dagger techniques (such as attempting to murder the magelord while he sleeps) does not sit well with her ethics. Still, she recognises that he is not Silverstari, so she can't expect too much from him. He composed himself well enough during the Imperial visit to Tokai… except when he collapsed during a rain-summoning ceremony.

Keichi is a kitsune she first met in a magical dungeon. After escaping, he simply stayed with the party (seemingly from nothing more than curiosity?). Discovering he was a kitsune didn't bother Sang as much as it might have before she'd learned to see orcs as allies. At least he's Silverstari, right? After their travels together, Sang considers Keichi a trusted ally.

Kukulkan's Adopted Son - A nezumi? Sang doesn't know of Kukulkan's hatred of the rat-people, but the idea of adopting creatures not of your own species (not to mention creatures she's only ever fought in the Shadowlands) is beyond her. Perhaps the nezumi are like the orcs, and there are 'good' clans out there?

Moto Temujin was once a ronin and much involved with Typhenon Blackhand, until Sang saw him killed on the field of battle. Temujin had died once before, only to be revived by Kukuklan's Tree, so Sang supposes she shouldn't have been too surprised to see him walking around again a second time. What did surprise her is that he's now the daimyo of the Rei, so she expects she may have dealings with him in the future—even if he doesn't remember much of his recent past.

Robert MacDougall a Shyen spellcaster, Sang respects his abilities to blow up everything in his path and remain upright even after drinking an entire barrel of ale. It's too bad his singing talents are second only to Garreth's…

Shanro is Silverstari, some kind of monk or tracker, and he has a pet falcon he can somehow speak with. Kuni Senji said that Shanro was to assist Sang until he had proved his loyalty, which was rather vague. He's been a great asset, even if he's hopeless at following orders. Managed to stop a flank of Fallen Yu from charging in the Shadowlands all by himself. He certainly knows how to fight. She recently discovered he is of the Falcon kingdom, but she knows nothing of his personal history or purpose. He has proven his worth in her eyes.

Failed to Protect

Emperor of Silver Stars Peerless courage, virtue or whatever clearly isn't everything when it comes to saving the Empire… Maiko succeeded in rescuing the Emperor from Nakashibetsu, but the evil which threatened him in the first place lives on and has fully supplanted him.

Isadora - In Heaven, healing after being tortured in Nakashibetsu. She might have escaped the situation completely had Sang not brought her along.

Shayu - In Heaven, healing after being tortured in Nakashibetsu.

Hitomi Merunae - a Gi Monk, Sang doesn't know if Merunae is alive or dead, though death would be the best thing to hope for. When Typhenon transported the party between the planes, Sang lost her grip on Merunae's arm and the Dragon slipped into some unknown dimension. It was not entirely Sang's fault, as the creatures between the planes physically tore Merunae from her grip (Sang had the acid-etchings on her arm guards to prove it)… but this does not lessen Sang's feelings of guilt.

Kakita Bei - died in Sang's company when confronting Thyrul in the Shadowlands. The Makoto singlehandedly destroyed the door between him and Thyrul, then was struck full on by the Lich's magic (as the first person to appear in the doorway) and died. Sang consider's Bei to be avenged, as Thyrul was killed shortly after and his daisho were taken to safety.

Nakata Jin - died in Sang's company when fighting a Lich. Sang is currently uncertain if Jin is alive or dead, as Chuda Shinobu dropped out of his soul crystal when it was smashed… and seems to have some of his memories.

Soshi Tarou (Pironious) - died in Sang's company when fighting a Lich. Tarou was a strange one, met by chance on the way to Chi lands. He got tangled up in an assassination plot, and could have walked away free but instead chose to help Sang, Jin and Keichi the Unwise. Sang does not know why Tarou chose to continue in her company, but at a later time, he came forth and revealed he had received a message from the Chugi instructing him to watch her. He seemed as uncertain why the Scorpion were taking an interest in her as she did. Sang hopes to free his soul which was snared at his death.

Theosteris - A follower of the Three, a magic user and a collector of knowledge. Severely wounded in the battle against the Mother, reliant on magic to ignore the pain and a mask and robes to conceal the cursed scars, Sang was amazed he survived as long as he did. To hear Maiko tell it, Theos saved their lives in the ruined elven city by sacrificing himself to stop the dark elf Rastarael. Nothing was left of either Theosteris or Rastarael after the caster acted. Such bravery is an honourable death, but Sang will never forget that she herself had fallen to Rastarael's blade, was unconscious and bleeding to death by the time it happened. Had she been stronger and managed to stay on her feet, perhaps Theos would not have felt it necessary to give his life. She has since seen him in Heaven, safe and healed, although apparently he lost the use of his voice as a consequence of being tainted by the Mother.


Kuni Akiko - Her mother, whom Sang takes after more than her father. Mother and daughter are close.

Hogasha Kaji - It wasn't him. But after all that has happened, how could he ever take her back?
Her husband via arranged marriage, and current King of the Yu. Sang loves him deeply, and feels guilty that her responsibilities to Typhenon have kept her away from her husband practically since the day after their wedding. Kaji's unexpected elevation to the throne, lack of readiness for the position and absence of support had left him with little confidence in himself as a ruler until he received some words of encouragement from Lord Yu. Kaji finally found not only some confidence but actual enthusiasm for bettering the kingdom. Needless to say, she is quite proud of him. Politics aside, Sang behaves quite differently with her husband in private. She is willing to bend all sorts of rules for his benefit, and if not advocate outright breaches of protocol than certainly go along with his proposals to a point. In public, even with friends, she would usually frown upon such ploys. Kaji's influence is rubbing off on her, though…

Kuni Miura - (deceased) Her brother, slain on his gempukku by an oni. Sang adored her older brother, and intends to avenge him if she ever finds his killer.

Kuni Samariku - (deceased) Her daimyo. While the shugenja did not train her in martial arts (her sensei did that), Samariku nevertheless took an interest in Sang's development as a bushi and made sure the girl would have more than muscle behind her blades. Sang trusted him implicitly, even when he sent her from the kingdom to seek and help Typhenon (something to do with a prophecy). Samariku died an apparently natural death, but his body was stolen from Tosa virtually under Sang's nose during an attack of undead. Before his death, Samariku's last command to Sang was to marry the youngest son of the Yu King: Hida Kaji. Sang has since had suspicions that her daimyo might have been a worshipper of the Three, but has nothing to back that up.

Kuni Satake - Her father. Although Sang easily outstrips Satake in terms of martial skill, the two are still close.

The Not-So-Friendly

Belshazzar - One of the Seven dark gods. Sang spoke his name aloud once, not knowing that to do so would draw his attention on her. Hopefully the only damage done was a burnt book and nasty dream.

Dowager Emperess - Not dead. But will be.

Emperor's Champion - Was it him or another doppleganger? All she knows for sure is that she can trounce him in a fair fight. And that's very good to know.

Fu Leng - Lord of the Shadowlands. She has had the 'pleasure' of facing an aspect of him only once in her life - a huge statue in the Temple of Blood that he animated with his malicious spirit. While she ultimately reduced the great carving to rubble with Lord Yu's Blade, the battle went on long enough for him to poke around in her mind and know her. If not for Typhenon, her people's ancient foe would have successfully manipulated her into surrendering to her desire for vengeance against R. She despises that her will broke to Fu Leng, but has reluctantly conceded that resisting a being of power nigh to a god would be hard for anyone to withstand.

Kami - While she has only really had one directly bad encounter with a kami, since Lord Yu revealed that they are pretenders to divinity with no right to the worship the Silverstari give them has made Sang see them in a different and distinctly unpleasant light. She now views most of them as selfish creatures who have lied to her people for far too long, although she is aware that some of them are still agents of good.

Miura's Killer - Sang once chased and fought the four-armed oni that slew her brother, severing one of its arms at the elbow with her nagamaki, but it escaped and she's never been able to track it down since. It's been sighted since, even reportedly killed with mundane weapons a few times, but is still around. She hopes that one day she will be the one to put it in the ground once and for all.

Kingdom of Chi - The Elemental Masters of the Phoenix sent a contingency of bushi and shugenja with Sang to assist in liberating Epiach from invading enemies. But no sooner had the Phoenix destroyed the foe than they turned around and tried to keep Epiach for themselves. Sang considers them treacherous for this, even though they eventually gave up their attempt to sieze the southern city. She was further disgusted by their abominable treatment of Tsuruchi Kanaye, Maiko's betrothed, as a prisoner of war.

Chi Kami - A kami of the Phoenix once framed Sang for the murder of a Phoenix noble and put her on trial for murder. During the trial Kuni Jin unmasked the kami to its natural form, a green dragon, whereupon it attacked and killed many of those at the trial. The party injured it enough to drive it off and it fled, swearing revenge.

R - Adneil, a dark elf Typhenon is trying to turn back to the light by restoring his wife. The gods have revealed much of his past and how he fell, how he lost his wife in a blood sacrifice. They also confirmed that R had indeed planned to restore his wife by using and killing Sang's children (a plan they have assured her will not succeed). R has sworn that he will not harm Sang's children, in a language Typhenon said it's impossible to lie in. Despite the elf's past and his oath, despite a reluctant understanding of him and even some pity, Sang still despises him. On the up side, she's lost her primal hatred and fear of him, but as far as she's concerned he could just flee the group at the first opportunity to carry out his schemes on some other unsuspecting victim. As R is currently in Heaven, it's unlikely he'll be threatening anyone for a while.

Rope Daemon - A creature working for whatever was running the show in Nakashibetsu. It tortured Sang for an unknown period of time before she was rescued. She hopes she will find it again when she returns.

Shae'el - 'The Deceiver'. This dark-elf was how Sang discovered R's schemes for her children. Shae'el not only told her, he put her through a full sensory illusion/experience of the deed: R betraying her while she was heavily pregnant, sucking out the souls of her children then twisting their lifeless bodies into a new vessel for his wife that erupted from her abdomen and killed her. Although now convinced this will never come to pass in reality, the memory of the experience has left deep scars.

The Mother - a quasi daemonic demigod from Outside that followers of Jin trapped in a prison beneath the Island of Wuhai. While safely imprisonned now, when she was breaking free the Mother directly and indirectly caused the deaths, enthrallment and insanity of countless Jin and many Yu, including her husband. She also caused a near-miscarriage for Sang, which was prevented due to a charm bracelet given by R. Sang fervently wishes she could do something infinitely more permanent and painful to the monster than just locking her away. The Mother got a chance at revenge when Theosteris inadvertently put himself in her reach, and she sent him back to the material plane to a place where he contracted a highly contagious disease that removed the belief of gods from the afflicted. Fortunately it was stopped before it could spread far.

Thyrul - The now-dead lich threatened Sang's life and the lives of all those she loved.

Zaddikim - One of the Seven dark gods. A daemon in service to Zaddakim has infiltrated the Imperial City and seeks to kill the Emperor and destroy the Empire. Sang has failed to disrupt its plans.

Current State

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