Holy Domain Of The Light

The Holy Domain of the Light, also know as the Holy Domain or simply as The Light, is a sizable kingdom situated in north-central Ascen. It is bound to the north by the River Duat and the border with the Empire of Ancestors, to the east by unclaimed wilderness infested with barbarous tribes of men, orcs and lizards, to the south by numerous petty kingdoms of men and to the west by desert. The land of the Holy Domain is for the most part hot and humid, lying close to the equator, while a good portion of the south and west are drier. Much of the land is densely forested in its natural state, criss-crossed with mighty rivers and dotted with lakes and marshes, but the south and west blend to grassland and eventually desert in the west. Population density is concentrated in the drier grasslands, but significant military enclaves can be found in the north.

The Holy Domain of the Light is most notable for its religious fervour and its hatred of the undead. The country is ruled as a theocracy beneath the Lightsworn Champion, the clergies highest position. The position of Lightsworn is determined by a trial of ordeal, the Baptism of Light, every ten years. All priests of Radiant status or higher is invited to endure the trial, the details of which are kept secret. Some aspirants die, but only one will be chosen to rule absolutely for the next decade. This dedication to religion is found at all levels of society, and all people and products o the Holy Domain belong to the Light, and thus the church.

The hatred for the undead, and the Empire of the Ancestors in particular also permeates the whole society. People are regularly lynched or burnt as undead or more commonly as collaborators. People who possess the Arcane Gift are most often murdered in this fashion, but logic plays little part in mob hysteria. The canonical church encourages these actions to maintain vigilance amongst the population, even funding lay orders who act like secret police and spy networks. The church also endorses torture and other heinous acts, indeed and arm of the church known as the Scrutators handles church sanctioned inquisitions.

For the most part the common person in the Holy Domain is keep docile to their horrible conditions through a constant state of war reediness, paranoia, and religious extremism.


A swamp land with areas ravaged by the undead over different periods of time.


Religion is of one god The Light.



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