Isadora is a young noblewoman from Dimrost, who decided to leave her family and wander the world. Currently ambassdor to Silverstars for Epiach.

Character Quick Facts
Race Human (mostly), Dimrosian/Silverstars
Weapon of choice Rapier
Current Location Nakashibetsu
Role Diplomat



Physical description

Isadora has long dark brown hair, almost black since she became a half vampire. She has pale skin, and green eyes. She is often seen wearing a long purple dress for appearance sake but it is actually glamoured armour. She is a little over average height, and skinny for her height. She is very attractive, and has a friendly aura about her that draws people to her.



She considers herself as a friend to most people, especially Hida Sang, Chuda Shinobu and Usami Maiko as she travels with them at the moment. She trusts most of the people that she has had relations with in the past months since meeting the group.
She is annoyed at Vengeance for breaking her heart and is using this journey and the role as an ambassador to get away from him.
Her parents live in Dimrost. She is not in contact with them or her brother, and they have no idea where their daughter is. She is in mail contact with her younger sister.

Current State

Isadora is currently the Epiach Ambassador, living over in the Kingdom of Silver Stars.
Isadora is heartbroken at the moment, trying to get away from Vengeance. Although at the wedding of Garreth and Euryganeia she tried not to show it and performed happily, her songs will have a sorrowful feel.
Isadora's story continues in her diary.

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