Ivatis Burja

Currently evolving.

Character Quick Facts
Race Umbern (Human)
Weapon of choice Ghostblade
Religion Despair
Current Location Somewhere in Libutura. In hiding.
Role Bezerker warrior


Ivatis does not discuss his past if he can help it.

Physical description


For an Aeternan, Ivatis is quite tall, standing just shy of six feet. His thick, black hair is pulled back into a tail that splits into three seperate braids, each sporting dozens of claw-trophy ornaments. His skin is always covered in white warpaint- at least in public- making it seem like he is an alabaster sculpture rather than a person. His black armour armour is covered in all manner of claws, teeth, tusks and spines- more trophies from his battles in the Hold. The left half of his face appears to have been ripped away at some point, leaving that side of his almost skull-like and his left eye blind. He keeps his left hand covered by a silver gauntlet at all times, and hangs apparently useless at his side. And he always keeps his strange weapon on hand at all times.


- Sunen-sithhar: The weapon that Ivatis took as a trophy while in Storm's Hold, a twin-bladed polearm made of a pure, silver-like metal. It has recently begun to show signs that it is more than it originally seemed…
- Armor of Ghosts:
- War-gauntlets:
- Twin Serpents Ring: A stone ring, exquisitly carved into the form of two serpents winding around each other. It obviously has some significance aside from the enchantments bound in its coils to anyone.


- The Shrikesbane: Whatever the relationship between Ivatis and the Shrikesbane may have been in the past, it is no longer cordial. This may be because joining the Legion of Ghosts means being dead to those who once knew you, or it may be more personal . Either way, there have been a few challenges from the more rash of her followers, which have resulted in ignominious defeats for them. Ivatis himself doesn't speak on the matter.

- Keaira: Possibly the best of us. Perhaps the only one of us not blinded by her own pains.

- Aventaris: You have been… distant… since our return to the living, priest. You have changed, and not for the better. I am watching you.

- Kyler Orn: Apparently competent… time will tell.

- Figaro:

- Carew:

Past Companions

- Aussir Vyth: What deals did you strike in that place, dragonkin? You have lost yourself- and failed to notice that you are no longer what you were.

- Hawke: Madness seems to follow on my heels. Why else would he flee?

- Ursula: She will be dead by midwinter- irritating creature. Alone in the wilds is a death sentence for one so soft. Perhaps the stone horse will give her a chance.


For all that Ivatis may seem to care little for matters of strategy, his silent, grim façade hides a surprisingly keen mind. He is an adaptive, flexible fighter, relying on his speed and near-supernatural toughness rather than any heavy, restrictive Aeturnan armour. Indeed, he often seems to fight in a suicidal manner- willingly taking near-deadly hits in order to get the one, vital strike or to trap an opponent's blade.

But beneath his controlled mask lurks a deadly, all-consuming insanity. When it is unleashed- or breaks free- what little self-preservation Ivatis displays disappears in favour of one thing: the utter destruction of his foes by any means necessary.

Current State

Missing one hand, one eye and one working throat. Generally battered and not in a good way- physically or mentally.

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