An almost conical or squarish 'hat' or light helmet that straps under the chin.

Historical Jingasa (OOC)

Jingasa (samurai hats) were mainly used during the mid to late Edo Period (1700-1860). The word "Kasa" meaning hat and "Jin" military. Jingasa were made in iron, leather, paper, wood or bamboo. Almost always covered with some kind of lacquer in different colors, the principal color being black. Maybe the social status could be read by color: gold for Daimyo, vermilion for the middle ranks and black for the lower ranking samurai. Even townsmen, craftsmen and farmers were allowed to wear Jingasa. Where samurai wore kabuto, Ashigaru used jingasa.

Sourced from http://www.artsofthesamurai.com/jingasa/html/jingasa.html

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