Katrina Wavesoul

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The young captain of the caravel Songblade. One of Typhenon's friends.

Character Quick Facts
Race Human
Weapon of choice Twin Cutlass
Current Location Epiach
Role Arr, me matey! …I mean, err… Privateer.

Physical description

Eighteen years old and a good looking gal, Katrina is tall - at slightly over 6 feet, she towers above even most men - and lithely built. Eyes the dark blue of the night sea stare out from her tanned face and her long black hair reaches half-way down her back from where it flows out from under her hat. Extreme height aside, there is something exotic about her looks - a quality that she will say is due to a little sea-blood that entered the family a few generations back.

She wears a tight outfit of leather - blue-black from neck to knee-length boots - mixed with a flowing white linen shirt, though it is hard to notice through her long, water-proof leather coat. A battered tricorn hat completes the look of fearsome pirate, err, privateer. Though she likes to keep up appearances, she's more than happy to get into the thick of it and get messy if someone requires her to.


Was a cabin girl on her father's ship for several years. Survived that and the couple of years as a sailor. Got promoted to officer status and, finally after much effort, made full captain.

Has had fun harrying trading vessels along Dimrost's South-western shore as a pirate. Though she hopes that will become a privateer now that she is working with Epiach…


Songblade A small, but fast, three-masted sailing vessel that is good for both catching, and out-running, other ships.
Hat Has an enchantment that allows the wearer to change their superficial appearance whenever they want.
Armour Blue-black leather, is heavily enchanted for protection.
Coat Non-magical. A long, mid-shin length coat made of leather and treated to be stiff enough to ward against blows, yet still supple enough to move easily in. Is also waterproof - a great bonus aboard a ship…
Ring A plain silver band with an abstract wave design in blue that encircles it. It is enchanted for protection.
Ring A plain silver band that allows the wearer to go without food or drink, and, for the most part, sleep.
Amulet A small shell on a leather thong that grants the wearer some of its natural defense.
Bag Seems able to hold a lot more than usual for a bag its size… … …
Gloves Enchanted to make the wearer more graceful and quicker to react.
Cutlass A Enchanted to slightly increase its combat ability.
Cutlass B Enchanted to slightly increase its combat ability.
Daggers Non-magical, but hidden about her person.
Longbow Non-magical. Made to allow for her slightly higher than average strength.


Typhenon - Katrina met him years ago - from when he would go on 'above ground' trips to search the city for people who needed help. They managed to catch up on several occasions since, and have been good friends. (Though, secretly, she's always found his aversion to ships and water funny - the one time she actually dragged him onto her father's ship he stood next to the mast and refused to move.) She was happy to jump at the chance to aid him with his current situation. Even so, she moves to do what will help him the most - even if he doesn't agree entirely with the course of action that she takes.

Songblade - No ship, no captain. Luckily, she has a ship. This ship. That makes Katrina a very happy woman. And she's a good little vessel, too. If a little cramped on occasion… But you get used to that.

Current State

At Epiach. Doing stuff… Mostly helpful stuff, too.

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