AKA "Little dark one", "Raven's child".

Character Quick Facts
Race Human (winged one)
Weapon of choice Wits / Cats Claws
Religion Tribal Shamanic (spirit totems)
Current Location Away from home
Role Seeker of lost thingsā€¦


Physical description



Cats Claws A pair of weapons similar to punching daggers, but with three short blades that extend out from between the fingers. This is the signature weapon of the Cat tribe.
Hunting bow A simple shortbow.
Hunting Javelins
Hunting knife A surprisingly high quality stone knife, for the butchering of animals.
Leather armour of an unusual design that lacks most of the back torso panel, allowing Keairas' wings to move freely. It also has protective runes etched into it.
Turtle Charm A small piece of jade carved into the shape of a turtle, and worn on a leather thong around Keairas neck. It has minor protective qualities.


Current State

Annoyed and homesickā€¦

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