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This is still a work in progress, so no complaining or I'll cast Touch of Idiocy on you repeatedly until you're drooling and incapable of complaint!

Character Quick Facts
Race Kitsune
Weapon of choice Wits (bludgeon damage)
Religion The Tree
Current Location Shyless
Role Annoyance Arcanist / fighter



Physical description


The straw hat of shadiness
A rather practical conical straw hat that has the innate powers to create shade and ward of the firece burning of the sun. It also asssists in resisting getting soaked in rainshowers.

The very sturdy walking stick (quarterstaff)
An excellent device for helping to support oneself while on a long journey. Also quite useful in the administering of punishment enforced education that some monks favour…

The comfortable Gi of modesty
A simple sleeveless gi similar to what most martial artists prefer.

The pouch of random small items
A small leather pouch that Keichi keeps all the items in that assist him in playing many of his tricks.


Current State

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