Kek Darkfire

A direct conduit of demonic energy into the world, Kek hasn't had an easy life. Aggressive, violent and possibly homicidal in appearance, how much of him is an act, and how much of it is the demonic energy he wields controlling him?

Character Quick Facts
Race Human…ish
Weapon of choice Darkness
Religion None
Current Location A barge
Role Ranged Support


Born under the name Usi, he had a relatively normal childhood. Something about his strong presence and personality attracted the other children to him, and he became the "queen bee" of the children in the town he grew up. Everyone wanted to be his friend, everyone longed for his approval, but mostly everyone wanted to be just like him. This all changed abruptly when he reached puberty.

It was then that his powers began to manifest, and shortly after fled for his life into the jungle. There, once safe, he broke down and wept, wept for the lives he had taken without intent. For his murdered friends and his shattered existence. For a while, he wandered the jungle, he wasn't suited to the lifestyle of a hunter-gatherer, but seemed to somehow be in the right place at the right time frequently, and his "gift" at least gave him a disturbingly effective means to hunt.

Eventually, he was found by the followers of the Three, reduced to skin and bones and unlikely to survive another week in the jungle. And as is their way, he was taken by them back to the temple, where he was fed and cared for. But Kek was still only thirteen years of age, and had hardly dealt with his loss. He violently lashed out at the people who led such happy lives while he suffered, not caring whether or not they would be willing to share their happiness. His backlash injured many, and even killed one, and he was confined to an anti-magic cell for the safety of both himself, and those who went to see him.

At first, great effort was made to calm the raging youth. But all he knew was hate, and anger for all who would lock him away. He even tried on many occasions to commit suicide by virtue of starvation, but before such events were allowed to unfold, he was subdued and force fed via divine magic. In time though, Usi was mostly forgotten by the community. Indeed, many outside the ranks of the actual temple assumed him dead, and good riddance to such a dangerous demonic agent.

It was sometime during those years of darkness, he tossed aside his name given at birth. The name given by parents who would see him killed for what he was. He assumed the name Kek Darkfire, after his own demonic powers, not that it mattered too much what he was called. His only companion was a small wooden flute, although he had never properly learned to play he always seemed to have a natural gift, at least in his opinion. Kek's flute was a secret thing, a private part of him he shared with no one, for he went to great efforts to ensure no one heard him play.

This was until one fateful day, when a young Elonan apprentice accidentally lost her way and ended up finding his cell by following the sound of his flute. Her name was Alana, and having heard his song, she knew immediately there was more to him than the violence and hatred he had only shown everyone else. From then on, she stubbornly visited him daily, taking over the duties of others to see him fed and talking to him even if he didn't respond. She refusing to go away when, even he screamed at her to. No amount of threats, however create they may have been, changed her determination and eventually, he began to trust her, to open up to her, and finally he began to change.

It was a long time before they let him out, but when they did, he was different. He still lacked control over his abilities at first, but he pushed himself to gain control, and between his own willpower, and the support of Alana and the temple, he learned to harness his dark power. There are still many who don't trust him, many more who dislike him, but Kek could care less. He knows there's one person who likes him, and her opinion matters, unlike anyone else's. And for that person, he'd change the world…

Physical description

The most obvious physical feature of Kek is his eyes, which are a piercing golden colour. When angered, they flare up to glow, often accompanied by tendrils of inky blackness that worm out of his body, forming a cloud of pure darkness around him. Besides his certain "quirks" however, Kek is fairly normal looking. He stands at average height for his race, although he isn't particularly heavily built. Usually, the warlock covers himself with a thin black cloak, capable of covering most of his skin without cooking him alive in the jungle heat.


Kek's Flute - A small wooden flute.
Chain Shirt - Magically enhanced shirt embedded with a crystal to ward away negative energy
Wand of Endure Elements - To protect him and his companions against the trek to their goal
Wand of Ebon Eyes - To allow others to see in darkness almost as well as he does.


Alana - Kek already misses Alana, and fears this mission may prevent him from ever seeing her again.

Lord Hasani - Kek is unsure about this mage. He seems to at the very least understand Kek's needs, unlike most others.

Amunkerus - Kek cannot stand to be around this mage. Clearly obsessed with his own power, Kek is frequently disgusted with how casually Amunkerus can throw around his arcane magic without repercussion.

Beniphet - Kek is indifferent towards this moon-eyed youth. While his innocence is amusing, Kek finds himself too bitter to be able to bear hearing Beniphet's world views for long periods of time.

Paki - Kek knows almost nothing of this one. Perhaps he should post more often.

Teremun - Kek is unsure about this one. He seemed to be trying to get close to Kek, and seemed almost likable when he did, but he also managed to insult Kek with idle words.

Current State

Bored, indifferent, annoyed.

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