Kingdom of Jin

The Kingdom of Jin is a member kingdom of the Empire of Silver Stars. Located in south-eastern Silverstars, the majority of its holding consists of small islands.

The Kingdom of Jin has been predominantly an absolute, feudal monarchy since its foundation, but internal turmoil has seen a number of other government types take precedent, including a recent period of theocratic rule. It currently consists of nineteen provinces, although mainland provinces remain contentious since the unresolved end of the Sea Crossing Chopsticks War.

Jin’s landscape is consists mostly of rocky islands and large stretches of shallow seas. May of the mountains are comparatively low, and rivers tend to be quite short. The climate of Jin is famously changeable, being at the cross roads of two major currents. As a result rain is a common feature and terrifying storms can blow up with little warning.

Quick Facts
Full Name Kingdom of Jin
Colours Teal Green and Black
Capital Namaja
Official language(s) Modern vernacular Silverstari, Golden Period High Silverstari
Demonym Jin
Area ??
Population ??
Currency Standardized Kuwaichen


The name Jin is derived from the Proto-Silverstari term for benevolence, charitable kindness and altruism. The Kingdom is named in honour of Jin Okami, Saving God of the Pikan-Saima Tribe. The name was adopted after the Dark Times, when the first territorial divisions were drawn up by the First Emperor. Prior to this formal adoption, the tribe had begun to refer to themselves as the Jinutari.

Geography and Environment

Political Divisions



Foreign relations and Military



Crime and Law Enforcement




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The Mantis struggle to cast off their reputation as thugs and pirates, but many of them are aware that such practices exist.

Current State/Politics



The Mantis navy is the greatest of the Empire, and so it falls to them to keep the seas of the Empire safe from outsiders. Unfortunately, what the Empire really needs is someone to keep the seas safe from the Mantis.

Current Daimyo

Yoritomo Eiko


Vital info

* Capital: Numaja
* Population: 1,110,000 (approx)
* Military: 66,000 samurai
* Imports: Raw Materials
* Exports: Silk, Spices, Exotic Goods


The clan colors are Teal-green and black.


* Moshi
* Tsuruchi
* Yoritomo

Major People

Yoritomo Eiko
Yoritomo Masaru
Usami Maiko

Major Cities

  • Numaja
  • Kobabsu
  • Minoha
  • Namie
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