Kolskegg Na'Verna (Mid-Spring 15 2103 - Current) is the reigning head of the Epiach Temple since Joseph's sudden departure on XX. Prior to this, Kolskegg held position of chief Elonan cleric and Chief Healer, a post he still holds unofficially. A Shyan by birth, he is a massive man in body, heart and beard, ever ready with a kind ear and wholesome advice.

Character Quick Facts
Race Shyen Human, Na'Verna Clan
Date of Birth Mid-Spring 15 2103
Weapon of choice None
Religion Three - Elona
Current Location Epiach
Role Healer




Kolskegg is a giant of a man, being 7'2" in height and nearly 300 pounds in weight. While he is thickly built, it would be inaccurate to call him fat, and he is certainly not unhealthy. He has a head of copper-red hair that cascades down his back but mostly sits as a large, disorganized mass. His full beard is likewise untidy, stretching over his belly in a flood of slightly lighter red. His eyes are a deep green, clear and bright, but becoming stormy and dark when he is angry.


Kolskegg is a boisterous man, a little coarse around the edges, but with a love of life and people that is unmatched. He has an inexhaustible compassion, but has learned to not let this cripple him into inaction. A generally serene man, he is capable of firmness and even anger when the situation seems warranted.


Nothing except a small number of simple robes and a pair of sandals. His strict religious observance allows for no more than the minimum of possessions.


Kolskegg has relations with everyone in the Temple, many of them fatherly, some of them sexual.

Matters sexual

Despite claims to the contrary, Kolskegg is not a deviant, describing himself as 'promiscuous in the best possible way.' As a fervent Elonan, he believes in the power of uninhibited, consensual sex to heal and in the power of innocent children to provide clarity and wisdom. Despite having a string of partners, and numerous side relationships over the years, Kolskegg has remained scrupulous about preventing pregnancy. This has drawn criticism from people, both from Elonans for the apparent disregard for childbearing, and from others. The simple fact is that any child Kolskegg fathers with a woman of even remotely average height will likely cause great discomfort and may even lead to death in childbirth for mother or child or both, a fate Kolskegg shudders to consider. Likely his mother's death from complications of his own birth motivates this fear.


As a result of his childlessness, Kolskegg has placed himself as uncle to all the temples children over the years and has fostered a number of orphans, including Drog and Typhenon. He takes his responsibilities as a surrogate father very seriously, looking out for his adoptive children as if they were his own.

Professional relationships

While the idea of their being a distinction between personal and professional for Kolskegg is ridiculous, his relations with other members of the temple is of note. During Joseph's rule, the two differed fundamentally, and sometime quite loudly, on important notes of policy, particularity Joseph's increase in terrorist actions against government interests in the city, and in particular a perceived grudge against the Mage-Lord Thyrul that Joseph bore. Kolskegg worked happily during Jorann's(sp?) leadership, but suffered greatly as the former temple head slipped further into madness after her mysterious attack, an attack even Kolskegg lacks the full details on. When she committed suicide and lingered as a Shade, he took it as a personal failure and has been wracked with guilt since the event. Since then he has redoubled his faith in Typhenon, perhaps to gain a measure of absolution.

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