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Character Quick Facts
Race Shyless
Weapon of choice Bow, Falchion or claws and teeth.
Religion Cult of the Forgotten One.
Current Location Moving quickly. Again.
Role Warrior-Shaman, scout and ambush expert.


Little is known about Kukulkan's past by his companions, and he seems disinclined to change that fact. However, his hatred of Nezumi is well-known… although why is open to speculation.

Physical description


Xh'asinghaasas- The Silent Hail of Dawn's Shards:

T'suaa'shaara- The Memory of Past Shadows: This armour seems to cling to Kukulkan's frame, no light reflecting off its surface. At odds with the gold motifs of the Sun-Cult, T'suaa'shaara is pitch black with no obvious ornamentation. Even the studs that renforce its surface do not shine in the direct light of the sun. It is only in the self-same direct light that something odd is revealed, however- Writing in Shyless seems to trail from each ebony stud. And only one of that race would know them for what they are: the true names of the dead. Recently, a new set of names has been added, written in blood.

Shi'mahta- Bloodsong: The blade that has ended countless Nezumi- and other- lives, Kukulkan's black blade is deceptive in its simplicity. Part ritual tool, part instrument of vengance, the obsidian blade is clean and sharp, curving along the uncarved wooden backing that melds into the grip. Oddly, its name means either a state of mind or a curse- The freedom of the battlefield or the madness of slaughter- depending on the context.



Hida Sang:

Usami Maiko:

Current State

Bad. VERY bad.



Whatever he deems the situation requires. As a shapeshifter, Kukulkan is capable of almost limitless adaptability- combined with his skill as a warrior and his magic, this makes for a terrifying combination. Even ancient immortals have been caught off guard by his repertoire of tricks.

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