Kuni Samariku

A high profile shugenja, Crab and daimyo of the Kuni family. Samariku passed away from an apparently illness (it's unsure exactly what of, though he'd been ailing for a while).

Table of Contents
Character Quick Facts
Race Human
Weapon of choice Magic
Current Location Dead?
Role Former Daimyo of the Kuni Family


Kuni Samariku was Kuni Sang's daimyo. He was the one who arranged the wedding between Sang and Hida Kaji. Samariku died just before Sang returned to Tosa

Current State

Thought to be dead, though his body went missing from the temple in Tosa when a group of Jiang Shi and a panagelon invaded. While the enemy were all destroyed, attempts to discover where the body went failed to turn up useful information.

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