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A spirit of life and beauty, who will fiercely defend those in her charge even if she has trouble understanding them.

Character Quick Facts
Race Spirit
Weapon of choice Magic
Religion The Jade Emperor
Current Location Black Lotus Camp
Role Magical Support


Awakened roughly 85 spirings ago, Kyune was born from a flower. She was fortunate to be located so close to the Black Lotus territory when this happened, or there was every chance that she would not have survived, being so low on the food chain.

Physical description

Kyune typically appears as a beautiful woman with dark hair and a pair of unusually vivid green eyes; the only physical hint to her true nature in this form. She often dresses in a white kimono with floral patterns; seemingly either wearing the same dress almost constantly of having an entire collection of identical dresses, for it is never stained or dirty.

She usually has a flower in her hair and a friendly smile on her lips.

Personality Traits

As a spirit of life and beauty, Kyune respects life and tries to protect it. However, she also acknowledges that death is part of the natural cycle of things and is at times necessary. She will never deliberately provoke a conflict, however she fails to realise that people may take offence at her casting magic upon them. She has a degree of difficulty relating to humans in matters of emotion, and certainly cannot understand things such as grudges. She is full of energy and yearns to be helpful where she can. Having someone angry at her, or otherwise dislike her causes her great distress, and she will often make use of enchantment magic to make them stop.


This section includes a Fourth Wall Breach

Kyune's Flower - Actually a magical flower, and much more attached to her head than first appears. Provides her with addition insight. (Psst. It's a headband of int +2)

Kyune's Ring - A magical ring that can allow Kyune to emit a zone of silence, yet still cast her spells without any restrictions.

Kyune's Ankle Charm - Seemingly an ornate bangle around her ankle, this charm actually allows her to suddenly fold through the spirit plane to travel very short distances instantly.

Kyune's Kimono - Kyune's trademark dress, magically blessed to clean itself on command. (Custom magic item, command word prestidigitation)


Current State

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