Lord Yu

Archangel of Courage, although the Silverstari would refer to him as Jié Shěng Shén Yu: the Saving God of Courage. He is the guardian and guide of the Yu.

Character Quick Facts
Race Angel
Weapon of choice Guan Dao
Religion Caalix
Current Location Lord Yu's Blade
Role Guiding Sang

Physical description

Seven feet tall, chestnut brown wings, jade green eyes, long grey-streaked brown hair and beard. Yu's beard reaches all the way to the ground, which led to the title 'Lord Yu of the Magnificent Beard'.


See The Early History of the SilverStari.

After the newly settled Silver Stars Empire was settled and the people of Yu, like other kingdoms, turned more and more towards the kami for guidance and power. The virtues and code of bushido the Saving Gods had preached in the old land became corrupted, its spirit twisted. Yu, despairing that he had failed to save his people, took his own life with his guan dao.

The weapon was secreted in the Temple of the Sword by those who had still followed him, and once the Great Wall was built some time later the shrine itself ended up being some distance inside the Shadowlands. It was centuries before Hida Sang arrived to claim the Blade and bring the Angel of Courage back into the world.


Hida Sang - His chosen Champion.
Jin - Archangel of Compassion, his sister.

Current State

Possessing Lord Yu's Blade.

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