Maiori is the centre of arcane power in The Empire Aeterna, and takes considerable steps to make sure it stays that way.

Maiori Quick Facts
Capital Setsapere
Largest City Agriattiva
Official Languages Aeternan, Arcane tongues
Demonym Maiorin
Area ???
Population ???

Major Cities:
Setsapere, the central hub of the region. None but the highest officials and those marked for arcane training are permitted within the city's walls; the former are not permitted much further.
Raffica, the war training zone. Placed far from any other civilisation, it is here that mages are trained in the arts of war.
[[[Agriattiva]], the farming community. This is the most open region for outsiders, and the city is mainly just a hub for the sprawling network of industry that consumes most of the land.

1 Etymology

"Maiori" implies "Superior Being" - and that is exactly what the mages believe themselves to be. Their mastery of arcane magic shows that they are one step above the ordinary folk - and that they use it for the good of the Empire instead of their own shows that they truly are great.

2 History

Maiori was part of the empire when it first formed, with its patron and namer Maiorus standing by the side of the founder Aetatis as they carved a place for their people in the hostile lands. His request for land, servants, and free rein to protect the empire was granted, and the small magical region was one of the cornerstones for the collective that would become the greatest empire of the continent.

Since then it has held an unquestionable monopoly on all matters of arcane attack, defence, research and prevention within the empire.

3 Politics

Maiori is known to not get involved until magic gets involved - at which point it sweeps in and takes over. They go to great lengths to appear impartial and aside from any internal power struggles, and flat refuse to use magic in any way which would openly cause problems for the empire, unless it is to prevent a greater magical calamity.

However, Maiori is a place with considerable needs, from exotic spell components to the finest crafts for enchanting. They will protect their sources for such jealously, and do not hesitate to demand service when they feel it necessary. Abuse of power is surprisingly uncommon, but those who hinder the mages in their work are generally simply dismissed as deserving the inevitable result they got.

4 Internal Divisions

5 Foreign Relations and Military Policy

6 Geography

7 Flora and Fauna

8 Economy

9 Demography

10 Culture and Religion

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