Moshi Family

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Moshi Family

The Moshi are a family of the Mantis Clan. Originally the family comprised the Centipede Clan, but joined the Mantis in <year>. The clan colors were orange, black, and brown and are still widely worn by the older Moshi. The Moshi family line bears mostly female children, the first Moshi had eleven daughters and no sons, and has become matriarchal because of it. The Moshi have a deep devotion to the Sun goddess Amaterasu and continue to honor 'Lady Sun' even after her death.


The Centipede clan was founded in <year> when the sensei of a modest shugenja school of the Phoenix Clan had become isolated from the Phoenix east of Kiken Roka in the Mountains of Regret. The area is called Tani Senshio. The Otomo pointed out to the Emperor that it would be easier to record their events and tax peasants if they were a seperate minor clan, so the sensei was given lands and the title of a minor clan.

In <year> the Lion Clan made claim to the lands of the Centipede and sent an army to try and take them by military force. The attempt failed, turned back by Moshi magic combined with the difficulty of the terrain until diplomatic pressure permanently halted the attempt.

Since joining the Mantis Clan in <year>, the formerly isolated Moshi have been forced to interact with Empire far more than the family has been used to. Since then the Moshi family has increased dramatically in size, primarily through marriage, and the Moshi family has spread holdings throughout the lands of Mantis Clan and beyond.


The Moshi family is a matriarchy with a continuing devotion to Amaterasu, even after the goddess had passed from divine life. The Moshi are known for their conservative nature and love of tradition, which often conflicts with what is seen as the Mantis way of doing things.


The following are the schools within the Moshi Family:

* Moshi Shugenja
* Moshi Duelist
* Moshi Guardian of the Sun

Vassal Family

The Goraiku family are a vassal family founded to honor, and contain the ambition of, Moshi Goraiku, the most skilled samurai in service to Moshi Jukio. The Goraiku family has forged new traditions and is highly devoted to Lord Sun and has close ties with the Yoritomo family and the Hida family.

Moshi Daimyo

The following are the known daimyo of the Moshi. Before joining the Mantis Clan, the daimyo were the Champions of the Centipede Clan.

Moshi Azami ? - ?
Moshi Jukio ? - ?
Moshi Wakiza ? - 1133
Moshi Jukio 1133 - ?
Moshi Amika ? - Present

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