Moshi Tarou

Standing seen but frequently unheard behind Maiko is Moshi Tarou, her first mate and bodyguard. A very strong but quiet Samuria, Tarou almost never speaks, although can sometimes be seen communicating with Maiko via the Mantis hand sign language.

Character Quick Facts
Race Human, Silverstari (Mantis clan, Moshi family)
Date of Birth 2107
Weapon of choice Twin Kama
Religion The Kami
Current Location Mantis Lands
Role Bodyguard and First Mate of Usami Maiko


Tarou's childhood has nothing of note, he joined the Moshi Duelist school at the normal age, had his Gempukku at the usual time, and went on to join the crew of a mercenary ship.

"The Deepwater Hunter" was a ship which sold its services up in crab waters, specializing in monster slaying. While the heavily armored crab ships were well designed to deal with large monsters, in any event where speed was required, they were ill suited. It was these instances when the Hunter was called for. Like it's more famous relative, the Silver Serpent, the Deepwater Hunter was an Imperial class Junk, fast, agile and capable in combat. Add to this a crew consisting largely of air and fire shegenja and you have a deadly combination.

It was while serving on this ship, Tarou met Moshi Satomi. She was a fire shegenja of reasonably high standing and talent, and they soon fell in love. They were wed in 2129 and for several years, all was well. Unfortunately, in 2132, Satomi was killed in action whilst fighting against monsters in crab waters. Her death devastated Tarou, who witnessed the entire ordeal and yet was powerless to save her. He returned home, and spent two years in service of the Moshi duelist school as a mediocre teacher. Whilst a competant fighter, Tarou simply wasn't a good teacher, lacking the presence and force of personality that drives a student to respect their master.

It was there he met Maiko, who by now had also lost a loved one, and that caused a natural bond between them. They begun sparring together, and despite having very different techniques, they seemed to be equally good at the defensive style of fighting the Moshi duelist school was known for. Maiko had the edge when it came to landing blows however, and whilst Tarou could hit harder, she could hit more often.

When Maiko became master of the Silver Serpent, she asked Tarou to serve as her first mate, and reluctantly, he accepted, on the condition he would also be her bodyguard. They have since had a close relationship, sharing a bond of understanding and sympathy, and while Tarou never reveals as much, he knows more about Maiko's mind than she thinks he does, and knows beneath all her fighting and savagery, beneath her measured strokes and agile dodging, is a scared and hurt little girl.

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