‘Northfolk’ is a catchall term for a number of different peoples. They are generally cold, aloof and spiritual. They have a very martial outlook, regardless of kingdom.

Physical Description

Northfolk are tall, though not as tall as Shyens, averaging 6” and around 190lb. They most commonly have pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes, though the people of Ravenesse typically have black hair. Hair styles vary by region, with Dimrost favoring the styles of their Dimrosian overlords. Raveness favors long hair in both sexes and short beards and mustaches. Zil favor shoulder length hair in both sexes and long, braded mustaches. Lomarks prefer hair bound in numerous small braids and similar beards, while Children of the Light prefer short to shaved hair in both sexes and clean shaven faces.


The relations with other cultures of the various Northfolk people are identical to the relations of their home kingdoms.


The Northfolk inhabit the fertile kingdoms stretching in a belt across the continent, bound by the Orc Wastes to the west and the Great Jungle, Shadowlands, and Kingdom of Silver Stars to the east.




The languages of the Zil, Lomark and Ravenesse are essentially dialects of the one language, sundered by distance and time. As such, a character able to speak one may understand the spoken, but not written, form of the other two with only minor difficulty. The language of the Children is very different, their original dialect long abandoned, while any native language spoken by the Northfolk of Dimrost is long extinct.



Male Names


Female Names


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