Military Orders

Holy Order of Argent Knights
The Storm Legion
Guard of the Green
Coven of the Bow


The Three

The Seven

  • Belshazzar, Wielder of Faith and Flame, Master of Fire, War, and Lords
  • Esarhaddon, The Breath of Life, Master of Air, Pestilence, and Healing
  • Darcheiemet, The Artisian, Master of Earth, Craft, and Travel
  • Nephtali, The Seer, Master of Patterns, Portals, and Light
  • Zaddikim, The Muse, Master of Emotions, Storms, and Transfiguration
  • Mastemoth, the Wild One, Master of Beasts, the Wilds, and Flesh
  • Ashkalon, the Slayer, Master of Death, Spirits, and Other Realms.

Lesser Deities

Dimrosian Deities

Silverstars Deities

Orc Deities

Scaled Empire Deities

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