Pironious, alias Soshi Tarou, was a master of stealth and subtlety who preferred to resort to quick wits or speedy escape to escape a dangerous situation. He was killed in the service of the Hida family, acting as Hida Sang's bodyguard.

Character Quick Facts
Race Human, Silverstari
Date of Birth 2113
Date of Death 2137
Weapons of choice Charm, Wit and Stealth
Clan None (Ronin)
Current Location Deceased
Role Spy, Bodyguard



Pironious' childhood is a seldom known tale, because back then, he went under the name of Bayushi Yuuto. As the youngest son of the Daimyo, he was instructed by only the greatest teachers in scorpion lands in all the essentials, how to be a good courtier, how to lie expertly, how to discern others lies and read faces, the arts of stealth and subtly and lastly where to strike to kill a man.

He never had any problem with lying, or stealing, but the killing part always unsettled him. He simply could not understand why killing was important, if he could lie and manipulate enough, he wouldn't need to kill, right? And so he focused himself towards other things, and tried to pretend he wasn't trained to kill.


Unfortunately, his master saw his reluctance to kill, and so went out of his way to push Yuuto, the boy had potential to become one of the greatest agents of the clan if he could turn past his distaste for murder when it was required. Therefore, his Gempukku was a simple yet challenging task. He was to travel down into Phoenix lands, kill a minor Samurai who knew too much, and return a set of scrolls he possessed to his master.

Reluctantly, Yuuto set out on this task, trying to reason that if he did this once, he could make sure he never had to kill again. He would make sure he was assigned jobs that didn't involve killings, and support the clan whilst remaining clean of further bloodstains.

But he couldn't do it. As he stalked his target, he found himself pitying the man, he was just a fool who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. And the scrolls he was sent to capture were important documents from the Elemental Masters, this man was just a simple courier. He couldn't bring himself to do it, he simply couldn't…


A few weeks later, his master received a message from young Yuuto. Exactly what was said could not be discovered, because it was burned immediately after it was read. But immediately a message was sent to the Daimyo requesting a private audience. Again, it is uncertain exactly what was said, but shortly afterwards it was announced that Bayushi Yuuto had died during his Gempukku. A few of the clan's top men knew better, young Yuuto had gone rogue, so to speak. He had defied orders and left, showing intension of traveling far beyond the borders of the Empire in search of a better existence. His betrayal was covered up, as to preserve the honour of the Daimyo, and less than a week later, the boy's master was found dead.

For a while, the ex-scorpion traveled without a name, he knew his old one would bring him nothing but trouble. Eventually, because he still carried cloth decorated by scorpion colours, he decided to create an alias. Soshi Tarou, he could easily pass as a member of the Soshi family, who had always had a strong physical resemblance to those of the Bayushi. And he could easily handle the pessimistic attitude that set them apart, he was hardly Mr. Sunshine himself at this point .

He traveled out over land and sea, to "anywhere but here". Sometime during his travels, he put Soshi Tarou away, and assumed the foreign name of Pironious, he wanted a new name, and it was there to accommodate him, nothing more to it. For a while he made himself a modest living as a professional spy and thief, doing working under contract for various men of power.

Return to the Empire

Nothing lasts forever though, and eventually, Piro heard tales coming from the Empire that greatly worried him. Unicorn lands overrun, a second shadowlands appearing, it was all very unsettling and he had to find out more. Reluctantly, he dusted off Soshi Tarou and began making the trip towards the Empire. He knew he would have to visit Scorpion lands, it was the best place to gather information about the whole Empire, and so that was where he ended up.

But even amongst the scorpion, information was scarce and hard to come by, and so his quest drove him south. Disguised now as a peasant, Piro boarded a merchant transport south, down river to Phoenix lands. The trip was eventful, the vessels they were on being held up by the appearance of some undead Bushi. Piro rather impatiently waited for them to be dealt with by a Crab Bushi so he could continue south.

Upon arriving in Phoenix lands and taking some time to disguise himself as Soshi Tarou, and with great surprise he found himself admitted to the same audience as the group who had traveled with the Bushi from the trip downriver. As Piro was an expert of disguise, they did not recognize him from earlier. Unfortunately, that night Piro was caught up in a murder, after receiving a warning from another Scorpion, a minor member of the Bayushi family that "the Kuni were not to be trusted". The murder was very well set up to incriminate the Bushi, Kuni Sang, but as Piro had been in the room next to hers he knew she had not left the entire time, and had not committed the murder. Acting quickly, he spotted the wakazashi in the murder victim bore markings of the Crab clan, and warned the others, even as he chased after a flicker of movement out of the corner of his eye. His search found light footprints, carefully placed to avoid stepping on the dry leaves of the bushes in the garden, confirming his suspicion, the murderer was an expert.

Before Piro could do anymore, he was arrested by Phoenix guards, as a witness, the victim's daughter, declared she had seen Kuni Sang commit the murder, whilst the rest of the group watched.

Personality Traits

Secretive - More than anything else, Piro is overly secretive. One could spend months traveling with him and not even learn his "real" name.

Loyal - Piro is very loyal to the few he can call friends, or even companions, and would never deliberately do anything that would put them in harm's way, even if it means it would save his skin.

Honourable - Despite his lack of honour according to Silver Stari customs, Piro has his own honour code. He will never kill a living person if he can help it.


Prior to his death, Pironious possessed:

Scorpion Wakizashi
A sword stolen from an unknown samurai, it bears the markings of the Scorpion clan. As Piro never completed his Gempukku, he never received his own Daisho, and even if he had, he would have beens tripped of them after becoming a Ronin.

Piro's Yumi
A rather ordinary looking longbow, it was this weapon that Piro most used when forced to fight.

Current State

It is rumored that currently, Pironious‘ soul is trapped in a gem possessed by Typhenon.

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