Cricket fighting is a kind of amusement seeking fun from the fighting of crickets.

Historic Cricket Fighting (OOC)

The cricket culture in China has a long history and the cricket fighting is the cultural life peculiar to Chinese people with obvious oriental characteristics. It is also one of the Chinese arts. Cricket breeding and fighting can date back to the Tang Dynasty. Some areas of China provided crickets as tribute to emperors.

Prized crickets became famous and actual funeral services would be held for them. Banners and flags would be given out to the owners of cricket champions.

Crickets had pedigrees and would be carefully bred by knowledgeable keepers. Keepers kept their crickets in fighting shape with a carefully controlled diet. Ground worms, fish and water chestnuts was a popular diet for protein and nutrients. In some cases, even veterinary care and medicine was administered to keep a cricket in fighting or breeding shape. Also, everyday a new female cricket was provided for the champion, during a time of three months.

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