A Priest from an Egyptianesque civilization called the Holy Domain of the Light.

Character Quick Facts
Race Human (Deceased)
Weapon of choice Crossbow
Current Location Sunken Tower of Onagal
Role Support Casting / Back - Up Healer / Destroyer of Undead


His name is derived from the Egyptian gods Ra and Anubis, Ra being the sun and Anubis being the watcher of the dead.

Born in the Holy Domain of the Light, he grew up in an uneventful life until his mother and younger sister was killed by a rouge animated skeleton. I was when the skeleton turned his attentions on the young Ranubi, raising his hands in the holy symbol of The Light and willing the skeleton to flee, which caused a bright light to emanate from his hands. While this was happening a member of the Church of the Light

A member of a small band that came from the Holy Domain of the Light, to the kingdom of Epiach to help with the Undead population. Last survivor of the band, still under his charge from the head of his temple he stayed in Epiach, to help the King Garreth. So when King Garreth called for helpers to go on an adventure to help rid himself of the evil in the city he signed on as he thought the group needed someone able to cope with large amounts of Undead, and can further help as back up caster and healer.

Physical description

A physically fit human who dresses in the robes of his order, Coloured black and gold with some silver through out. Usually accompanied by a floating spectral hand (Hand of Light).


An enchanted Crossbow with bolts and spare strings. - Was first used in the Dungeon of Onagal against the acid monsters.
Robes in the dress of his order
A sickle - yet to be used
A mace - yet to be used
A ring of sustenance
Magic Book
A bag of Holding containing :

  • Flask of Holy water x2
  • Empty flasks
  • 3 black rocks of evil used to animate the earth elementals
  • spare Holy symbol
  • Various potions
  • bottle of black Ink
  • Various Spices - Cinnemon and Lemon
  • 2x arcane scrolls (unidenitfied and in scroll cases)
  • Various currencies found on the Journey (lots of gold, lots of silver, a few handfuls of horse teeth)
  • Magic Wand (unidentified)
  • Magic Wand (Cure Light Wounds, 16 charges left)
  • Two breastplates that clearly need to be consecrated
  • A Silver Star katana, also needing consecration
  • Tawny's breastplate - the straps need mending

Party Members

Surd - He doesn't mind the Orc but thinks he is little to arrogant for his own good.
Ritnik - A goblin, that has a habit of stealing everything not nailed down and then tries for thing that are. Was a little upset when the goblin died helped Surd claim what we believe to be the goblins ashes.
Tawny - Doesn't mind this cleric of Elona but thinks that she should learn to cook before offering her services.
Theopholous - A warrior that Ranubi has worked with a number of times, Helps Theo's destructive capabilities by using his supportive Sympathism.
Maximus - all that needs to be said.
Angus - Willing to give this new comer a chance but will prepare detect evil at the first possible chance to determine the truth.

Current State

Deceased. All the loot he carried now lie at the bottom of an acid pool… except for the scrolls, which dissolved with his organic tissue.


Being a caster Ranubi prefers to stay in the back lines and using his Hand of Light to cast devastating touch spells while also using it to deliver healing. He also uses his form of Sympathism to enlarge the Warrior Theo.

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