Respican is a mountainous stretch of land in southern Aeterna which seperates the regions of Aeternam and Maiori from the newly conquered Caudala.

Respican Quick Facts
Capital Rivelante
Largest City Pedage
Official Languages Aeternan
Demonym Respican
Area ???
Population ???


Rivelante, a major mining city near the border with Aeternam which controls most of the mining of eastern Respican, and defence from the dragons to the east.
Pedage, a major fortress on the most major post from Aeternam to the south
Soefula, a town around a mine near Maiori, known for producing gemstones and alchemical components.
Preisida, the westmost town which deals with the defence and distribution in western Respican.

There are also countless minor mining towns, and every pass through the mountains has toll gates and fortresses of varying sizes at both ends.

1 Etymology

2 History

The mountain range upon which Respican rests has been a part of the Empire Aeterna almost since its conception, although more by the lines of the map than in honest control. Mining towns and pass guards were established on the northern side as part of Aeternam and Maiori, and the southern side was, at the time, part of the Shadow's Maw.

However, with the coming of Akash'nara, the forests were devastated and the region beyond the mountains became the chosen battleground to combat the insane avatar of destruction. To hold the beast, his destructive power and any others who might try to assault the Empire at bay, a marshal known to history as Custos Morum - a peacekeeper and blacksmith in one of the many mining towns - managed to keep his entire township safe during one of the storms of Akash'nara and, taking up weapons and armour, fought against it with a varied group of other warriors, helping to nullify its assault.

Though not the strongest warrior, his sheer bravery, inspirational words, and strong arguments led to the mountain range becoming its own region under his control, with immense fortresses and defences put in place in case of the beast assaulting the Empire itself.

Although Akash'nara was eventually sealed, the dragons of Luran then expanded into the newly cleared region, and shortly afterwards the reawakening of Storm's Hold ensured that the mountain range and its defences would remain - if not as extensively prepared and manned as those first few years - a well-funded and well-stocked defensive border of Aeterna.

3 Politics

Respican is not a very strong political power in Aeterna - since its conception, it has been seen strongly as a border zone, almost as a tool, and if a somewhat more civilised one than Umbern, one with less necessity. The fortresses are well-manned but except for Pedage and Preisida, the highest positions are temporary military assignments more than permanent political positions.

4 Internal Divisions

Respican is divided into three major camps, unsurprisingly quite smoothly falling into the regions which border each section. The eastmost region, closest to the capital region of Aeternam, takes its job of protecting the capital very seriously, and patriotism and pride are rife - this is by a good margin the most militant area.

Central Respican is the region closest to Maiori, which is far more subdued and servile - Maiori's military and spellcasters are often intertwined with the workers, and both eastern and western regions look down on them as spineless fools who look to a wizard for permission to cough.

Westmost Respican is the furthest from any stronger Aeternan authority, and thus is far more open and widely spread in both their military and political influence. It's not unusual to find Respican warriors acting as hired guards in the surrounding regions, keeping the peace there to ensure the peace within the mountains. The warriors are also prepared to be called up at any time to help defend Umbern from rampaging beasts of the Hold, and most warriors in this region have some experience against such creatures.

5 Foreign Relations and Military Policy

Most of Respican was created specifically for the defence of Aeterna, and as such it often works simply as an extension of the Empire in its policies, with a distinctly militant twist. However, with the recent conquering of Caudala, some minds in both Respican and the rest of Aeterna are questioning the need for such an intensive defensive line simply seperating one part of the Empire from another…

6 Geography

Respican is almost entirely mountainous, the region being defined by the mountain range stretching east-to-west across what was once the southern stretch of Aeterna.

7 Flora and Fauna

8 Economy

9 Demography

10 Culture and Religion

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