A mean, green, thieving machine, Ritnik is a sneak thief who, until recently, had been making the best of the more… abandoned sections of Epiach to do a little… creative wealth redistribution.

Character Quick Facts
Race Goblin
Weapon of choice Shortbow
Current Location Somewhere he doesn't want to be…
Role Sneak, cheat, lying bastard.


Physical description

Before: At 3'3", Ritnik is tall for a goblin. A fact he is remarkably proud of… Or would be if it actually ever accounted for something. Apart from his exceptional height, he is rather uninteresting for a goblin.
He looks like a goblin. He speaks like a goblin. … Though he doesn't exactly dress like a goblin. In fact, most people would notice the severe lack of clothing (except for a pair of rather worn pants and some wrappings around his arms) with a single glance - if they could ever spot him, that is!
After: Still the same height, the goblin is even thinner, almost emaciated. His skin is much paler, an unhealthy green tinge, while profane runes are carved into his flesh - prominent, weeping cuts that stand out red against his new, pale skin tone. Large (for a goblin) black wings, their bat-like membranes tattered, sprout from his shoulders, while newly sprouted claws and fangs are clearly visible. He wears a new set of armour and carries a new sword - though his bow is still the same, if slightly upgraded. A scarily vicious look is visible in his intelligent gaze, and a cruel smile is clear on his face. It is Ritnik…but not the one people once knew.


Wrappy thingies of protectiness: A bunch of bandages that are worn around the goblin's arms. They, strangely enough, seem to stop him getting hit as much.
Ritnik's Stikka: A short bow that has a light enchantment to aid with combat. And, yes, he named it after himself…
Shiny sword of stabbiness: A small sword that has recently been enchanted with offensive magics.
Sword of monster stabbi: A simple cold iron short sword
Loot holda: A bag that can hold a considerable amount of, well, anything for its size.


Maximus - A rather… interestin' person, 'e's not helpin' improve anyone's opinion of 'umies… Although 'e is rather entertainin' at times.
Surd - An orc is an orc… But dis one seems to be slightly less kicky dan de otha ones… So, 'e's a nice orc. An' so 'e can be da 'Boss'.
Ranubi Not sure wha' to think of dis one… Seems to 'ave an un'olsome likin' for books and stuff.
Tawny Dis one is a good 'umie. She's nice an' friendly an' stuff. Only problem is dat she keeps tryin' to 'elp people.
Theo 'E 'as a big shield an' a sword. An' 'orns an' funny eyes an' stuff… 'Part from dat, 'e's a nice enuff guy.

Current State

Tainted by Onogal. Is trying to kill his ex-friends.

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