Robert Macdougall

Shyen Sorcerer and Ambassador to Shye from Epiach.

Character Quick Facts
Race Human, Shyen
Weapon of choice Claymore, or magic
Religion ???
Current Location Shye
Role Destruction


Robert grew up in the Shyen village of ???, and live a fairly normal childhood - drinking, fighting, chatting to pretty wenches, and doing all of the things that a youth of Shye should do. Once he hit puberty, however, he realised that something was different. When he got angry at things, they tended to suffer unfortunate effects. At first it was potentially just coincidence - someone who had annoyed him would trip over, or else something in his way would happen to break. Later, the effects became more pronounced, until they finally culminated the day that he managed to set his hut on fire after a night of drinking.

After that, he decided that it may be a good idea to lay low for a while, in the metaphorical sense at least. He left his home village, and began wandering through the mountains. It was there that he came across the group of Typhenon, Garreth and ???.

Physical description

Tall, with long red hair and a matted beard. Normally wears little else than his boots, kilt and claymore, regardless of what the weather may be. He also generally carries around his ferret, which generally hides under his hair and peeks out occasionally. Robert claims provides him with helpful suggestions and advice, and he can be frequently seen conversing quietly with it. Of course, others are frequently reluctant to accept advice when they know that it supposed came from a ferret, but he continues to take its advice nonetheless.



Current State

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