A Makoto bushi in service to Usami Maiko, and administrator of the Island of Wuhai. 'Shayu' means 'shark', and it is probably not his real name.

Character Quick Facts
Race Human, Silverstari Makoto Kingdom
Weapon of choice Sword
Religion Jin?
Current Location Nakashibetsu
Role Bushi


Shayu does not appear to be his real name, and his family has not been revealed(?), but he was of the Makoto Kingdom. He studied and passed various exams in the Imperial City and was subsequently relegated to Wuhai—a position he was horribly overqualified for. When the Mother began to emerge, he fell victim to her corruption and became her servant.

Shayu was first encountered during the rise of the Mother on Wuhai. Infected by the Mother's corruption, like Maiko (at the time) he could change himself into a warped, hungry creature resembling a shark. Maiko bested him in combat, tried to convince him that the Mother could be defeated and he might be cured, then forced him to accompany her into Jin's Temple. Shayu went along with it so that he could 'gloat when Maiko was killed'.

Following the Mother's defeat at the hands of Maiko, Hida Sang, Kukulkan and Theosteris, Shayu willingly remained at Maiko's side. As promised, Typhenon was able to cure him of the corruption and restore his full humanity.

He has since remained loyal to Usami Maiko and helps to administer Wuhai on her behalf.

Physical description


A large sword.


Isadora - Whom he is trying to convince to give up her own corruption.
Usami Maiko - His boss, and possibly his friend, even though she's currently dead.
Typhenon - Cured him of the Mother's corruption.

Current State

Stuck in Nakashibetsu.

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