The Shyens are a boisterous and gregarious people. They tend to be welcoming, but wary. They are lovers of beer, dance and music, but they also have a strong martial tradition. Despite this, they have little interest in conquest.

Physical Description

Shyens are the tallest human race, averaging 6’6” in height and tend toward stocky builds, averaging around 230lb. They most commonly have pale skin, red or blonde hair and blue or green eyes. Long, often unkempt, hair and bushy beards are preferred for men, while long hair, equally unkempt, is favored for women.


The Shyens are a recently liberated people. They spent decades under the yoke of Dimrosian overlords, and thus have a deep distrust of those people. They maintain good relations with the newly formed Kingdom of Epiach.


The Shyen people inhabit the Shyen Mountains, between Dimrost and Epiach. No one is certain which was named after the other.


Shyens are a pragmatic people, and the majority of their deities deal with natural phenomena and the business of living. Their main god is referred to as the All-Father. The Cult of the Eternal Tree is gaining popularity.


Shyens speak Dimrost, the language of their former masters, and their own language, Shyen, which has no written form. Precious few Shyens can read or write in any language.


Shyens favor strong sounding Scots/Irish names. Every Shyen bares the name of his clan as well as his own.

Male Names


Female Names


Clan Names


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